Dudu suspended Twitter

Image via Twitter @DDuduSambudla

Twitter suspension: Dudu Zuma may find herself in Malema’s boat

Duduzile ‘Dudu’ Zuma has been found guilty of violating Twitter standards after sharing clips of the protests and looting that shook SA a few weeks ago.

Dudu suspended Twitter

Image via Twitter @DDuduSambudla

Duduzile “Dudu” Zuma has allegedly been flagged on Twitter for sharing violent content. According to recent reports, the daughter of Jacob Zuma may have found herself in hot water with the micro-blogging social media app after her account was reported by various social media users.

Dudu gets into Twitter trouble

Since her father Jacob Zuma’s troubles with the Constitutional Court started, Duduzile Zuma has been using Twitter to make her views about the entire debacle clear. When she is not sharing snaps of her father, she is rallying her fellow Zuma supporters to help her make her point.

It seems her loud and proud ways have gotten her into hot water on the app as she has reportedly been flagged for violating Twitter community guidelines.

Sharing violent content

On 9 July, Dudu took to Twitter share some clips of violent protests that happened around KwaZulu-Natal and Johannesburg while commending the people who were destroying property. She captioned one of the clips of a fleet of cars being burnt:

“Mooi Plaza…We See You!!! Amandla!!! #FreeJacobZuma”

Many South Africans have found her decision to share the clips problematic and accused her of ‘inciting violence.’ They have seemingly taken action against the outspoken Zuma daughter and reported her account to Twitter.

Dudu and Malema

TimesLIVE has since reported that Twitter has taken note of her posts and found her guilty of “violating” Twitter rules. While it has not been clarified what action Twitter will be taking against Dudu, it could be possible that she will follow suit with a fellow controversial politician, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema.

In July this year, Malema found himself suspended from the app shortly after he called on EFF supporters to oppose the deployment of soldiers in areas affected by violent protests and looting.

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