It is reported that the college that awarded MaMkhize her doctorate has not been registered with the Department of Higher Education. Image via Instagram @kwa_mammkhize

Dr Shauwn Mkhize: MaMkhize honoured with a doctorate [photos]

It’s ‘Dr Shauwn Mkhize’ now! MaMkhize was honored with a doctorate degree this past weekend. Take a look…


It is reported that the college that awarded MaMkhize her doctorate has not been registered with the Department of Higher Education. Image via Instagram @kwa_mammkhize

Media personality and businesswoman Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize graduated with her Doctor of Philosophy degree announced via social media on Saturday 27 November. 


Shauwn Mkhize, affectionately known as MaMkhize, announced that she graduated with her Doctor of Philosophy (PHD) degree this past weekend. The businesswoman revealed that her sister also graduated with her PHD and they made their parents proud.

“Dear Mama and Papa — Here we are…your daughters are both doctors. I hope you and dad are watching over this moment and you are beyond proud. Thank you Lord for this day and thank you to oKhabazela ka Mavovo kayihlandla,” she wrote on Instagram.

“It’s moments like this that I cherish from the bottom of my heart , being celebrated and acknowledged whilst I’m still alive.????????????????????????????????????. It’s official you can now address me as Dr President Shauwn Mkhize,” she continued. 

MaMkhize’s family held a special congratulatory dinner for her.

“Last night my family and friends put together a spectacular celebratory dinner for me. I’m so grateful for them, the immense love they showered on me last night was so heartwarming,” she wrote on Instagram.

“The greatest gift you can ever give somebody is showing up for them and boy, oh boy did they show up for me. ????????????Thank you to each and every person that made my day super special,” she continued.

The Royal AM club owner shared several pictures from her graduation ceremony which was held in-person, not virtually. Take a look…


MaMkhize explained she was “honoured” with her doctorate degree. An honorary degree takes place when a university has waived all of the usual requirements to honor a person because they have made contributions to a specific field or to society in general.

“Okay guys this is it. Today you are no longer going to call me MaMkhize. You’re going to have to address me as Doctor Shauwn Mkhize, taking after my sister here. I think this thing is going to run in the family, except that she went to school for it. I didn’t, I got honored today,” she said. 

The businesswoman previously revealed that she studied accounting and worked as an accountant before she got into the construction industry. So, she left her job as an accountant to count her own money instead of someone else’s. She explained that this is the career path her mom wanted for her but was not where her heart was. After she gave birth to her son Andile Mpisane she decided she wanted more out of life and pursued a career as a businesswoman. She later starred in her own reality show Mam’Mkhize and let viewers see her for who she really is.

She is currently the owner of Royal AM football club but she stirred up some controversy when she awarded the players with cold hard cash on the field after a win.

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