Dr Nandi

Dr Nandi is now hoping to get bail.
Images via Instagram: @drnandipha

Dr Nandi’s business to reopen this week – will she be there?

With reports that Dr Nandi is harbouring a fugitive – Thabo Bester – will she actually show up to her Sandton business as promised?

Dr Nandi

Dr Nandi is now hoping to get bail.
Images via Instagram: @drnandipha

Nandipha Mogudumana, or Dr Nandi as she is commonly known, is expected to reopen her popular aesthetics business on Wednesday, 29 March. This, after being intricately linked to convicted rapist, murderer, and fraudster Thabo Bester.

But will she actually be there, or is she just “buying time”?

The Sandton businesswoman has been at the centre of reports after she was allegedly spotted with Bester just one month after his confirmed escape from Mongaung Correctional Centre in 2022.

GroundUp and Sunday Times have both also published findings of her alleged criminal involvement with Bester during his imprisonment.

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After seemingly “ghosting” her Instagram followers – and turning comments off – Dr Nandi recently broke her silence since news of her alleged relationship with Thabo Bester made headlines.

But her comments had nothing to do with the scandal. Instead, the mom-of-two revealed she would be back in business again.

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She shared in a statement: “We would like to notify all our clients that Dr Nandipha will be available from next week. We kindly appreciate your patience during this time”.

Dr Nandi owns Optimum Medical Aesthetics Solutions, which is based in Sandton.

According to GroundUp, Dr Nandi was evicted from her Hyde Park mansion after failure to pay rent. The publication also alleges that an adjacent property was being renovated to house her prominent business.

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Meanwhile, Sunday Times alleges that Dr Nandi and Thabo Bester – using an alias – rented multiple million-rand properties in the Johannesburg area.

Dr Nandi
Dr Nandi has announced her return to work, despite being linked to ‘Facebook Rapist’ Thabo Bester. Images via Twitter/ Instagram: @drnandipha


Meanwhile, Twitter users have reacted to Dr Nandi’s statement. And many think the celebrity doctor is “buying” time during her absence from the spotlight.

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@Kabelo_K_B: “She is just buying time so that people and the media can stop looking for her. They will all now camp outside her offices on the day. She won’t show up.”

@DTshipani: “She is delusional. HPCSA has suspended her. She can’t practice.”

@maserame7: “The Instagram post from Dr Nandipha was an indication to ‘them’ that they are gone.”