Former 'The Queen' actor Vusi Thanda

Veteran South African actor Vusi Thanda. Image via Twitter @thatswaziguy

Veteran actor Vusi Thanda thanks Mzansi for donating R100k

‘The Queen’ and ‘eMzini Wezinsizwa’ actor Vusi Thanda thanks Mzansi for donating R100 000 to his account as he owed his landlord R45 000.

Former 'The Queen' actor Vusi Thanda

Veteran South African actor Vusi Thanda. Image via Twitter @thatswaziguy

Legendary actor Vusi Thanda, who is famously known for his roles in The Queen and eMzini Wezinsizwa has thanked South Africans for donating R100 000 into his Capitec bank account as he was behind with his rent and owed his landlord R45 000 rent.   

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Donations are still pouring in from South Africans for The Queen and eMzini Wezinsizwa actor Vusi Thanda who revealed he’s now paid his landlord R45 000 he owed.   

The 71-year-old appealed to the public this past week for financial assistance by dropping a video pleading for assistance and sharing his banking details and thanked people in advance for their generosity.  

Sowetan reports that the actor’s donations have totalled R100,000 so far since the video went viral.  

“Ndifuna ubulela abantu bonke nge ncebakazi engaka. [I want to thank those who donated for such generosity]. Their donations have reached R100,000 and I am thankful for that. I don’t care about those who have criticised me for asking for help from the public. These are people who called themselves friends but they were not there when I needed them. Some of them knew my situation but they never assisted me,” he said.  

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Thanda adds that his financial woes were a result of the lack of acting roles as he last appeared in 2021’s Moja Love production, Ikhaya Labadala and last acted in Ferguson Films’ telenovela The Queen in 2020.  

The legendary actor also fell sick in 2020 suffering from diabetes, has been unemployed since and lives with his two sons. One of his sons is unemployed and the other is still at school.  

He lives by his R1,985 per month lives in a two-bedroom flat in Roodepoort that costs R5,000 monthly.   

“In our industry, if you are not shooting you won’t get paid. When I appealed to South Africans it was because I had no choice. I was sitting here on my bed on Tuesday when I heard a very rude knock on my door. When I opened it, it was my landlord wanting his rent money. I have not been able to pay rent since late last year. I owe the landlord about R45,000.”  

“The pension money that I survive on is not enough to buy groceries, pay for my son’s school fees, his transport and buy my diabetic medication. Last year, I had to shoot Ikhaya Labadala not feeling well because I needed the money. This year, I have not even auditioned because there are no roles for people of my age.” 

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