Don Design

Don Design wished Tony Forbes a happy birthday. Image via Instagram @don_design/ @tonydforbes

Don Design wishes AKA’s dad, Tony Forbes a happy birthday

AKA’s father, Tony Forbes was celebrated by many people, including Don Design on his birthday on Tuesday, 4 July.

Don Design

Don Design wished Tony Forbes a happy birthday. Image via Instagram @don_design/ @tonydforbes

After the passing of South African rapper AKA—real name Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, his friend, Don Design wished the rapper’s father a happy birthday via a post on Instagram Stories on Tuesday, 4 July.


AKA was shot and killed in Durban on 10 February, outside Wish on Florida restaurant. He was amongst several friends standing outside the restaurant when an unknown shooter came from across the street and took a close fatal shot, assassinating the rapper. The rapper was leaving the restaurant, heading to his performance at Yugo Lounge when the murder took place. One of his friends, celebrity chef, Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane also died on the scene.

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One of the rapper’s friends that was with AKA when he was murdered is a man known as Don Design. He is said to be one of AKA’s close friends and the two are also said to go way back. ( However, after the rapper was shot, Don Design was accused by many of the rapper’s fans and viewers who watched a leaked CCTV footage that had been recording outside the restaurant moments before the rapper and his friend were killed.

On Tuesday, it was AKA’s father, Tony Forbes‘ birthday and Don Design wished him a happy birthday on Instagram Stories.

“Happy birthday Pops,” he wrote.

Don Design
Don Design sent Tony Forbes a birthday post via his Instagram Stories. Image via Instagram (screenshot) @don_design

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Don Design
AKA was murdered on 10 February in Durban. Image via Instagram @don_design


After AKA’s death, the rapper’s family made it clear to fans and the rest of South Africa that they did not suspect Don Design and urged the rest of the country to stop pointing fingers at him. They have since involved him in numerous functions and continue to have their front door open for him.

It is now almost five months since AKA was killed and no arrests have been made. In an interview on eNCA, Lynn Forbes, AKA’s mother said she does not believe her son had any enemies and called for justice for the rapper. She commented about her son’s murder investigation and was quoted as saying,

“Nothing rushed will bring him back. So I’m allowing the investigation to run its course.”

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