DJ Tira

Image via Twitter @DJTira

‘Get the vaccine’: DJ Tira claps back after criticism for maskless event

Musician DJ Tira has had it with the ‘yapping’. The DJ told people to ‘get vaccinated’ after he was criticised for performing at a mass maskless event.

DJ Tira

Image via Twitter @DJTira

South African musician DJ Tira has decided to clap back at people who criticised him earlier this week for performing to a maskless crowd. Taking to Twitter on Monday 2 August, the popular KwaZulu-Natal DJ called on people to get vaccinated while also explaining that it was not his event.

DJ Tira has had enough

On Sunday 1 August South African DJ and music producer, DJ Tira headed to Twitter to share a video clip of himself performing at an event in Maboneng. In the clip, scores of partygoers can be seen enjoying the DJ’s set while drinking and dancing maskless at the Cosmopolitan Lounge.

Shortly after posting the video, DJ Tira started trending as many South Africans criticised him for performing to a crowd that was refusing to follow COVID-19 protocol. Many called on the popular DJ to be arrested.

After deleting the video, Tira once again headed to Twitter where he called on people to get the vaccine. He also responded to the criticism by outlining that he was paid to perform at the Maboneng club and was not in charge of ensuring COVID-19 safety regulations were met.

“While yap yapping about my name don’t forget I don’t own a venue, I’m a Dj I get booked to come and perform, get paid and go home. Be responsible and remove yourself from places that may be a danger to your health. Makoya Bearings #RockstarForever 21 Years of greatness,” he wrote.

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More harsh words

While Tira explained that he had no way of controlling the crowd of jollers, many people still criticised him for advising people to get vaccinated. Many pointed out that even if everyone at the event were vaccinated they could still contract or spread the Covid-19 virus. The current Delta variant is thought to be behind the current spike in cases around the world, even affecting those who are fully vaccinated.

@kabelodick wrote:

“That’s like a drug dealer saying I don’t manufacture drugs and I don’t force people to buy, it is your responsibility as an adult not to let people hire you to act in criminality, you know the regulations 50 people and less are allowed to gather if you see more than that u can decline to play.”

@TrueTsonga said:

“Why don’t you be the bigger person and just send an official apology, we forgive you, we forget, life carries on? We don’t yap yap, we communicate…improve your vocabulary.”

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