DJ Sbu

DJ Sbu’s fans miss Friends Like These. Image via @djsbulive/Instagram

Making it rain: DJ Sbu’s fans shower him with dollars [watch]

‘I promise to turn them into billions of dollars’: DJ Sbu’ is a little richer after his fans in America showered him with money.

DJ Sbu

DJ Sbu’s fans miss Friends Like These. Image via @djsbulive/Instagram

South African businessman, musician and podcaster Sbusiso “DJ Sbu” Leope may get trolled a lot on the Twitter streets every time his former artist Zahara’s name trends, but when he’s out of the country he gets showered in dollars.

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The Remember When It Rained hitmaker took to his Instagram on Monday, 24 October, to thank his fans who attended a gig at Superior Ingredients in Brooklyn, New York.

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In a video that DJ Sbu posted on social media, his fans can be seen throwing dollar notes at him as he does what he does best behind the decks. The video shows money on the floor around him and more coming his way.

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The Hustler’s Corner podcast host said that it was a great feeling to be receiving cash in real time as he worked, adding that he promises to multiply his dollars into billions.

“It’s a different feeling to be thrown ngamadollars. I receive them with all God’s grace and humility. I promise to turn them into billions of dollars. May all that money multiply where it came from,” he said.

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DJ Sbu recently opened up about his bad financial choices as a young man in the industry.

Speaking on The Penuel Show on 3 October, the 45-year-old who has been in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, admitted that he made “dumb” financial choices when the money started rolling in many years ago, adding that he blames no one else but himself.

“I looked richer than I actually was,” he explained.

DJ Sbu spoke about overspending and the consequences that came with it, which include downgrading and rebuilding. The media personality explained that he currently does not have a car as he uses his company cars to get around when necessary.

“I don’t have a car by choice and I always tell people that I’ve been building,” he said.

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