DJ Fresh

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‘It will always be people’s opinions’: DJ Fresh on rape claims

After being accused of sexual assault in January this year, DJ Fresh says the only way to get to the bottom of the allegations is to head to court. In the meantime, listen to his latest EP, ‘Voices of Hope’, whish was released on 1 October.

DJ Fresh

DJ Fresh Image via Twitter @DJFreshSA

In January this year, Thato Sikwane, popularly known as DJ Fresh, was accused of sexually assaulting a young woman. There were consequences to these allegations and unfortunately for Fresh, he was removed as the host of the 947 afternoon drive show. 

Having appeared on Podcast and Chill with MacG on Friday 1 October, the DJ who has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years, spoke in depth about the rape allegations, painting the “full picture” from his perspective. 

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In a tweet by Twitter user @Nampree, she claimed that she was drugged and raped by DJ Fresh and Euphonik. In the two-part episode of Podcast and Chill, DJ Fresh questioned whether the series of tweets were linked to a court case he had previously won against controversial poet and activist Ntsiki Mazwai for accusing him and Euphonik of rape in 2019.

DJ Fresh claims that he and Euphonik called their station manager to arrange that they step back from their duties at 947.

“After we agreed on a statement, the station released a statement acting like they are the heroes here. They’ve decided that they are going to pull us off air for now.” 

“Obviously now there’s the storm that’s happening and we’re dealing with that storm. After about four weeks, we’re like no but f*ck this sh*t. Until we’re guilty of something, we’re guilty of nothing,” says Fresh.


Being the outspoken podcaster that he is, MacG asked DJ Fresh if any of the allegations were true.

“There’s no truth to them, but there’s the system, she must go open charges if she feels a crime was committed and she went and did that.

“We can only get to the bottom of this in court, otherwise it will always be people’s opinions,” said Fresh. 

“I was in two emotions when the NPA said they’re not gonna prosecute. I was happy because you don’t really wanna go through a rape trial, nobody wants to go through a rape trial. If there isn’t a rape trial it’s in the air for people to decide what they wanna believe and for more therein lies the problem.”

DJ Fresh diverted the conversation to influence, saying that “people” have said that he is using his influence for the case. 

“If I had half the influence people think I do… It’s simple and there is a system and we will use the system to prove we’re innocent.” 

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The day of DJ Fresh’s interview with MacG, he released a five-track EP, titled Voices of Hope. This was his first EP since his 2019 release, titled Not for Radio.

The DJ has also been gigging at numerous events around the country and releasing music mixes.

Listen to ‘Voices of Hope’ here