Dineo Ranaka is suspended from Metro FM. Images via Instagram @dineoranaka.

‘Respect your workplace’: Tweeps on Dineo’s Metro FM suspension

The Twitter streets are abuzz after Dineo Ranaka was suspended from Metro FM for dancing on the furniture during the #Umlando challenge.


Dineo Ranaka is suspended from Metro FM. Images via Instagram @dineoranaka.

The Twitter streets have spoken and they are divided between siding with radio personality Dineo Ranaka and Metro FM after she was suspended over her #Umlando challenge.


Dineo Ranaka was suspended from Metro FM after she posted a video of herself doing the #Umlando challenge at work. The #Umlando challenge is the latest dance craze that has participants winding their hips to the song Umlando.

Dineo decided to takepart in the challenge at work and danced on furniture at the SABC studio in Auckland Park, Gauteng. City Press reported that Dineo was suspended because she was dancing on the furniture.

“The SABC can confirm that Dineo Ranaka is not scheduled on Metro FM at this stage and as a matter of principle the corporation does not discuss matters relating to its independent contractors in public,” said SABC’s group executive for corporate affairs, Gugu Ntuli.

The radio personality has since removed the video from her social media platforms but it was shared on Twitter. 

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Tweeps were divided over Dineo’s suspension. Some thought she was wrong.

“Please respect your work place. don’t be like Dineo Ranaka,” tweeted @ninimotsei. 

“Feminists like Dineo Ranaka think that just because they can get away with wearing the pants at home. Then they can also get away with dancing on top of furniture at work. Not only was her dance embarrassing to watch in those pants, her body is what failed to bypass the bosses,” tweeted @Cyfogetsi.

“I love Dineo Ranaka but I would never be able to be friends with someone so rude and arrogant. I wonder if she has anyone she respects cos even have family members can get it from her maybe this suspension will bring her back down to planet earth. I stay away from such family,” tweeted @CharleeHustle_.

“Dineo Ranaka could have avoided all this had she danced at home on her own tables,not at work though,” tweeted @Rudzi_madidibul.

Some may have thought she was wrong but others thought it wasn’t a big enough deal to lead to suspension. 

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