'Diep City'

‘Diep City’ actress Nash Pilingane. Image via Twitter @Retselisitsoe_N

‘I need prayers’: ‘Diep City’ actress Nash Pilingane held at gunpoint

‘Diep City’ actress Nash Pilingane, who plays Eve in the Mzansi Magic telenovela shares how she was held at gunpoint in Cape Town.

'Diep City'

‘Diep City’ actress Nash Pilingane. Image via Twitter @Retselisitsoe_N

Talented actress Nash Pilingane, who plays the character of Eve in Mzansi Magic’s canned telenovela Diep City alleges she was held at gunpoint.  


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The Diep City actress Nash Pilingane, who’s known by soapie fans as Eve detailed her horrific ordeal in a Facebook post.  

“Dear friends of mine. I write this with tears streaming down my face after nearly dying this past Saturday on the R300 road in Cape Town. We requested from the Milk restaurant based in Khayelitsha with my cousins and a friend. Guys we were meant to get picked up by a friend from the park when we asked him to drop us off.”  

The actress adds that the man took her belongings and refused to drop them off: “Secondly he refused for me to take a weez in Khayelitsha, just for him to stop on the R300 and within in a space of seconds were held at gunpoint. They took everything of ours and not his car.”  

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The Diep City actress Nash Pilingane also asked her fans to pray for her as she hasn’t had an easy 2022.  

“I need prayers my friends because just this year, my phones were taken the same way. There is always a weapon involved and I don’t know what it’s going to take for all this to stop. I am even wondering how many times will I escape. I don’t care who thinks what but something is not right and I need my friends to pray for me.”  

According to Daily Sun, the Diep City star said something always goes wrong every time she goes to Cape Town with her family.   

“But I am grateful for our lives, it would have been very sad to bury three people from the same house along with their friend.” 

'Diep City'
Image via Twitter @Retselisitsoe_N

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