'Podcast and Chill with MacG and Sol Phenduka

‘Podcast and Chill’ with MacG. Images via Instagram @podcastwithmacg.

Explicit content: Did ‘Podcast and Chill’ overstep the mark?

Did MacG and Sol Phenduka take things too far on possibly the most explicit episode of ‘Podcast and Chill’? Viewers weigh in

'Podcast and Chill with MacG and Sol Phenduka

‘Podcast and Chill’ with MacG. Images via Instagram @podcastwithmacg.

The latest episode of Podcast and Chill set social media ablaze when the show’s hosts had their guest My Body Works For Me, reality TV star and sex worker Wandi Ndlovu perform oral sex on one of the show’s staff members during a live show.


“Warning: The content contained within this article features imagery which readers may find disturbing.”

According to True Love, in 2022, at just 22 years old, Wandi was said to have revealed that she started working in the sex industry during her first year of varsity. She reportedly said she would continue her lifestyle until she became a millionaire.

The show’s hosts MacG–real name Macgyver Mukwevho and Solomzi Thandubuntu Phenduka, along with their guest were discussing the differences between SA vs Nigerian Men. At the end of the show, Podcast and Chill had their viewers’ jaws dropped after they invited Wandi to be a guest in the show to later “buy her” to perform oral sex on one of their staff. MacG could be heard saying,

“Speaking of request, we have a request for you. So our ni**er here, the sound guy Simphiwe…he almost died two weeks ago. So he hasn’t released since. So how much would it cost to give him a bl*w j*b now?”

Wandi then answered, saying that she would do it for R1 500. MacG immediately sent her “Wallet”, and she was off. Simphiwe and Wandi were mic’d up, however, off-screen during the act. The episode has since already gone viral on Twitter.  And it has also been watched over 200K times on Podcast and Chill’s official YouTube page. Viewers expressed their disappointment with what Podcast and Chill aired. Many of them also sympathised with Wandi, saying they could see her past trauma behind her smile.

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Podcast and Chill
Wandi Ndlovu appeared on ‘Podcast and Chill’ on 18 May 2023. Image via Instagram @wandi_ndlovu


“This episode speaks to all the fathers with daughters and the single mothers, plz step up for their future 🙏,” @paul kk said.

“I feel for Wandi, she doesn’t look like she enjoying doing this, she looks empty at this very young age but acting as strong 😢 😢 pressure and money will be the end of young girls 😢 😢, “@life motivation commented.

“I felt her when she said “young girls must go to school because this industry comes with trauma 😢 😢 ,” @cylia malebane wrote.

“This episode it’s fascinating and sad at the same time. The reality is so real,” @Cas Beth said.

“I hope this becomes your highest-rated show in support of Wandi. May she quickly get all she needs to support her family n stop sex work. She’s been through a lot. I feel for her soul u can see she is a genuine real human. May God be with her,” @Nqobile Dlamini replied.

Did the latest episode of ‘Podcast and Chill’ overstep the mark?
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