Zola Zeelovin attempts a Durban Indian accent. Images via Instagram @zolazeelovin.

‘Devvi’: Zola Zeelovin’s Durban Indian accent sets tongues wagging

Prince Kaybee’s ‘baby mama’ Zola Zeelovin had her fans in stitches as she made content in a Durban Indian accent as her alter ego Devvi.


Zola Zeelovin attempts a Durban Indian accent. Images via Instagram @zolazeelovin.

Media personality Zola Ayabulela Mhlongo, popularly known as Zola Zeelovin set tongues wagging – and mostly praising – after she attempted a Durban Indian accent as seen in a TikTok video on 3 April.

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Prince Kaybee’s “baby mama” Zola Zeelovin has an alter ego named Devvi. She has made her TikTok debut with videos dubbing a Durban Indian accent. In the first video, she is seen alongside Siphosethu Nkosi, whose alter ego is “Fats”.

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Zola, as Devvi is seen singing happy 29th birthday to her friend Fats.

@zolazeelovin Such lovely dae it was Fats @Siphosethu Nkosi #Fathima ♬ original sound – Zolazeelovin

In the second video, Devvi is complaining to Fats about missing a flight. Her fans took to the comments section to share their laughter and thoughts. 

@zolazeelovin Calling Fats( @Siphosethu Nkosi ) because One flight Left Me 😫 #Devvi ♬ original sound – Zolazeelovin

“You deserve a million follows,” wrote Anele MaMbomwu.

“Lovely to meet you Devvi,” wrote Yamm.

“You are freaking brilliant,” wrote Zoleka Mandela.

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Zola retweeted a tweet about how tricky it is to nail a Durban Indian accent which was retweeted by a fan who wanted to see Devvi along with Fats.

“The Durban Indian accent is tricky, most people who do accents always get it wrong. Siphosethu is the first Black person I have heard nailing it. The rhythm and flow. Perfect,” read the tweet.

“Please bring us Fats and Devs next week so you shake the whole country? 

@Sethu_Nkosii x @ZolaZeelovin  thanks,” read the quoted tweet.

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