Da L.E.S has clarified his relationships with ex friends AKA and Bongani Fassie

Da L.E.S has clarified his relationships with ex friends AKA and Bongani Fassie
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‘I just keep it moving: Da L.E.S on feud with AKA & Bongani Fassie [video]

Da L.E.S has admitted to distancing himself from former friends AKA and Bongani Fassie as he is in a ‘different place’ in his life…

Da L.E.S has clarified his relationships with ex friends AKA and Bongani Fassie

Da L.E.S has clarified his relationships with ex friends AKA and Bongani Fassie
Image via Twitter

Da L.E.S is a different man, according to new perspective on “protecting his peace”.

The South African rapper – born in Washington, US – recently sat down with Nomalanga from BET’s Behind The Story.

In the short interview, the star touched on everything from parenthood to his “proving himself” to his late dad.

But what struck viewers the most were his words about his failed friendships with fellow rappers Bongani Fassie and AKA.


The 36-year-old rapper and former friend AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes, were rumoured to have fallen out of friendship after claims the latter romantically pursued Da L.E.S’s baby mama Aurea Alexander.

In 2020, rumours of a rift were intensified after Da L.E.S released his single Gucci Snakes, which boasted the lyrics: “Niggas’ll try to bite your soul just to take your place. Try to f*** your baby mama to see how it tastes”.

And then there was that MacG episode when the controversial podcaster read an anonymous letter containing allegations of a fling between AKA and Aurea.

But in a recent appearance on Lasizwe’s YouTube show Drink or Tell The Truth, Da L. E.S claims the song was never about his ex-bestie.

He told Lasizwe: “I am glad you asked me this question. No.1 that track was never about AKA and that’s on period. No.2 don’t believe everything that people say and No.3 I love my family with all my heart so I just decided to choose a path of family and I got a new kid on the way.

“Gucci Snakes is not about AKA, what the hell! Gucci Snakes is literally about Gucci snakes. It’s just hip hop guys.”

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During this week’s episode of Behind The Story, however, Da L.E.S suggested he had distanced himself from his ex-bestie.

He told Nomalanga about their relationship: “People who know me know I’m a non-confrontational guy, you know what I’m saying? So if I don’t really get with your energy anymore I have to protect my energy first.

“So that’s where the relationship is right now, it’s putting my energy first, self-preservation first and I just keep it moving. All that ‘he said, she said’, I’m not with all of that,” he said.

Da L.E.S


Meanwhile, Da L.E.S also shared an update on the status of his relationship with ex Jozi band member and friend Bongani Fassie.

He admitted that he “no longer answers” Bongani’s phone calls.

“I just like to say that I don’t have anything bad to say about Bongz. I don’t answer his phone calls because where I’m at in my life is completely different to where I was; mind body and soul. It’s nothing personal. I always have the utmost love and respect for [him] I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help”.

Da L.E.S

During his interview with Lasizwe, Da L.E.S claimed her “never” wanted to work with Bongani professionally again.

He said: “I just surpassed that stage in my life…Over the years there has just been a lot of back and forths and a lot of lies and at some point in your life as a grown-up, you need to be able to say ‘you know what, I am okay I will catch you, and I am not shy to say it, it is what it is. let’s keep the energy like that.”

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