Cyan Boujee

Influencer and DJ Cyan Boujee.
Image via Instagram

Cyan Boujee vs Corner Butcher: What really happened? [video]

It is a case of ‘he said, she said’ between Cyan Boujee and the owner of Corner Butcher in Mamelodi over their physical altercation…

Cyan Boujee

Influencer and DJ Cyan Boujee.
Image via Instagram

Cyan Boujee and the owner of Corner Butcher lounge have allegedly came to blows – literally – in a violent altercation that took place on Boxing Day.

The DJ and influencer has accused the unnamed businessman of physically assaulting her and her female crew at the Mamelodi hotspot.

Videos of the incident flooded social media, as did a picture of Cyan’s swollen and bruised face.

Both parties have also been embroiled in a war of words online following the incident and have each made damning accusations against each other.

Here’s what we know so far…


Cyan Boujee – real name Honour Zuma – alleges that the owner of Corner Butcher attacked her totally unprovoked.

On Instagram she shared pictures of her bruised face and shared her version of events.

She wrote: “I was physically abused and punched around by the man pictured at his venue @corner_butcher during a gig today. Worse he punched and slapped my female friends who were with me”.

Cyan Boujee

Cyan claims she has opened a case of assault against the Corner Butcher owner.

She continued: “His behaviour is very shocking given that there was person who was recently murdered at his venue just a few weeks ago!

“This place is very dangerous guys.. for both males and females. He needs to get arrested as soon as possible and the venue needs to get shut down! Bouncers that had to stand up for me as an artist literally stood up for the owner and held us so he beats us up! FOR NOTHING!”.

Videos of Cyan being manhandled also went viral on Twitter.


Following Cyan Boujee’s claims, Corner Butcher released a statement detailing their side of the story.

The establishment alleges that Cyan started a fight with an artist booked to perform. As such, Corner Butcher claims it had “no other option but to protect the artist”, whom they decline to name.

The statement also claims that Cyan attacked the owner and alleges that she has a “known violent history”.

It adds: “Our owner has a torn shirt and damaged facilities due to the altercation. It saddens the business that a female we tried to empower as a DJ is tarnishing our image. GBV [gender based violence] is a serious matter and shouldn’t be derailed by such semantics.

Corner Butcher

“We’re determined and adamant to fight GBV hence we’ll let due process follow”.


Following the release of Corner Butcher’s statement, Cyan Boujee responded to allegations she claimed were “untrue”. 

In a video posted online Cyan claims that; 

  • There was no artist booked at Corner Butcher. She was the only artist present
  • She did not fight any female
  • The owner of Corner Butcher owes her money for unpaid gigs
  • Her manager approached the owner over owed money, which is when the altercation began

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