AKA and Costa Titch died earlier this year. Image via Instagram @akaworldwide/ @costatitch

RIP: ‘Cultish’ collabs with AKA & Costa Titch with tribute garments

Clothing brand ‘Cultish’ announced their collaboration with the late Costa Titch and AKA. The also set a date for their tribute event.


AKA and Costa Titch died earlier this year. Image via Instagram @akaworldwide/ @costatitch

The death of rappers AKA—real name Kiernan Jarryd Forbes; Costa Titch—real name Costantinos Tsobanoglou, and celebrity chef Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane shocked Mzansi earlier this year, and it appears the dust has not settled as fans and some family members of the deceased are still looking for answers regarding the deaths of the three young men more so now that so much time has gone by.


AKA and Tibz died on the scene after they took fatal bullets outside Wish restaurant in Durban on Florida road on 10 February. CCTV footage captured moments before the cold-blooded murders took place and was leaked on social media. After viewing the CCTV footage, many online users pointed fingers at one of AKA’s other friends Don Design and speculated that he was allegedly involved in the plot to kill the rapper. It was also speculated that Tibz was merely a victim who was not intended to be killed.

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AKA and Tibz died on 10 February. Meanwhile, Costa Titch died on 11 March. Image via Instagram @akaworldwide


Meanwhile, Costa Titch collapsed and died at the age of 28 in front of a crowd at his performance at the Ultra Music Festival in Johannesburg, Billboard reported. He was rumoured to have a long history of epilepsy. Recently, his mother was said to have hinted that she was not convinced by what she was told about the death of her son. In a post, IOL quoted her as saying,

“I promise you, my son, that I will not rest until I find out what happened to you.”


On Thursday, 25 May, posters about an upcoming event that will pay tribute to the rappers with garments was circulated online. Taking to Instagram, Cultish said,

“To honour AKA’s remarkable life and expressive connection with Cultish®️, we decided to release a limited-edition tribute garment. This special piece embodies the essence of our collaboration and serves as a celebration of AKA’s artistic journey. Furthermore, it pays homage to the AKA’s unique style, his indomitable spirit, and the profound impact he made on all of us.

“With every stitch and design element, this tribute garment represents the fusion of two creative forces that inspired countless individuals. It serves as a reminder of the beauty that can arise when fashion and music converge, transcending their respective boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on culture.”

“As fans and admirers, let us embrace this limited edition tribute garment, wearing it proudly as a symbol of the passion, artistry, and resilience that AKA embodied. Together, let us remember and celebrate the life of an extraordinary artist whose influence will continue to resonate with us for generations to come.”

After seeing the poster, fans were upset to see Don Design to be featured as part of the event. Others noticed that Tibz’s name was not included in the posters and rallied behind him.

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“We don’t want that SNAKE Don Design until he tells us what he really knows,” @kamagoh said.

“I get it it’s AKA and Costa, but what about Tibz? I mean really?  He was also someone,” @miss_stratchen commented.

“Nice gesture but don’t think fans are ready for Don Design. Fans are those who carried AKA. So don’t be surprised if they are not ready yet. Too many unanswered questions!” @anicagrange wrote.

“Why is Don Design there? As Megacy fans, we don’t want him,” @sandy_d asked.

“😢💔.” @famida_ali_sadak reacted.

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