Matthew Booth’s wife Sonia is trending on Twitter after claiming he had an affair. Image via Instagram @awesomesociety.

‘Constructive divorce’: Matthew’s wife was ‘Sonia’ before ‘Booth’

Sonia Booth claims her husband Matthew’s actions were a ‘constructive divorce’ and asks him to file for it. Take a look…


Matthew Booth’s wife Sonia is trending on Twitter after claiming he had an affair. Image via Instagram @awesomesociety.

Author Sonia Booth claims that the demise of her marriage is “constructive divorce” on her husband Matthew Booth and his alleged “side chicks” part – via an Instagram post on Wednesday 9 November.

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Miss SA 2001 second runner-up Sonia Booth claimed that her husband – former Bafana Bafana player Matthew Booth’s nonchalant public displays have led her to believe that this was a “constructive divorce”. 

“These nonchalant and flippant displays by your legend and his groupies make me conclude that his strategy is constructive divorce, such a coward,” she wrote.

“If he wants a divorce he must file for it. I was Sonia before Booth,” she continued.

So, what is constructive divorce? According to Winslow McCurry and Maccormac, constructive divorce is:

“A ground when one spouse won’t physically leave the home, but has made life so intolerable through his or her actions for the innocent spouse that he or she has deserted the marriage already”.

Matthew Booth Sonia Booth
Sonia and Matthew Booth during the Discovery Sport Industry Awards on 11 February 2016 at Sandton Convention Centre Pic Sydney Mahlangu/ BackpagePix

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This comes after Sonia took to Instagram to expose his alleged affair after she hired a private investigator. The woman involved in the alleged affair is said to be a married woman named Bongani Moller.

She has now shared a screenshot of an email she received with photos of her husband with his alleged “side chick”. Take a look…

“Today I had the strength to open my laptop and check emails because I’ve been receiving notifications of money sent via Yoco for book payments/orders. Then I come across this,” she wrote.

“I looked at my diary, 15 Oct the legend left during Noah’s football match and asked if I could take Noah back home with me. Big bro and I had gone to the game in my car because I had errands to run prior. The legend had gone with Noah to the game. We arrived home and noticed his car parked at the estate’s main gate. I knew then that he had Uber-red. He returned home at night, now I know what he was up to,” she continued.

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