Connie Ferguson shares divine message from Shona

Connie and Shona Ferguson.
Image via Instagram

Connie Ferguson shares ‘divine message’ from late husband Shona [watch]

Connie Ferguson has claimed that she has received a divine message from her ‘angel’ husband Shona Ferguson following his death last month.

Connie Ferguson shares divine message from Shona

Connie and Shona Ferguson.
Image via Instagram

Connie Ferguson has shared an emotional throwback clip of herself and her late actor and producer husband Shona Ferguson…and fans were totally in their feelings!

The veteran South African actress and filmmaker posted a scene from TV series The Wild, in which the real-life couple play love interests Marang and Itumeleng.

The clip had been dubbed in French, and in it Connie and Shona’s characters profess their love for each other. “A love like ours never dies, only mortal bodies rest”, Shona’s character tells his real-life wife.

If that didn’t leave a lump in your throat, Connie’s caption to her husband of two decades, who passed away from COVID-19 complications last month, had us bawling…

Watch Connie and Shona Ferguson’s ‘The Wild’ scene


She wrote: “Once upon a time in THE WILD! Heaven is so lucky! And how blessed were we to experience this SOUL! How blessed am I to call him my husband! And now MY ANGEL!”

The post was inundated with comments from fans and celebrity friends who reminisced over the couple’s beautiful love story.

“What a beautiful time in our lives,” wrote Minnie Dlamini who starred as Zintle Lebone in the series.

“The love of your life,” wrote The Queen actress Uyanda Mbuli while Generations star Winnie Ntshaba wrote: “He’s surely your angel now”.


Connie also shared an inspirational message with her followers via her weekly IG show #CarpetSundays about how she is coping with grief in the wake of her husband’s death.

The young widow shared a number of fitting Biblical scriptures, one of which included an “angel number” – which in numerology is widely believed to be that of an angel delivering a divine message..

The scripture — Jeremiah 31:13 — reads: “The maidens will dance and be glad, young men and old as well. I will turn their mourning into gladness. I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.”

Of the divine message, Connie said:

“I believe in angel numbers….It’s become one of my most comforting Bible verses at the moment.”


Connie Ferguson also shared claimed that she believed her own grief was a comfort to others in similar situations.

“It’s clear that grief is normal. We’re allowed to grieve and feel what we feel. Cry if we need to cry. But hope and faith that joy comes in the morning.

“I’m finding that it’s a process, a lot of people are walking this journey with me and I am not alone. I see and hear that this is helping a lot of people that are going through what me and my family are going through.

“If that is the Lord’s intention, then all glory to God. I am able to give comfort and be comforted.”