Actress Julia Fox weighed in on Matthew Booth’s allged affair. Images via Instagram @@awesomesocieyza @juliafox.

SA’s cheesecakegate: Kanye’s ex Julia Fox on Matthew Booth

Kanye’s ex Julia Fox has weighed in on Matthew Booth’s alleged affair and defended his wife Sonia: ‘Normalise publicly outing these men’.


Actress Julia Fox weighed in on Matthew Booth’s allged affair. Images via Instagram @@awesomesocieyza @juliafox.

Italian-American actress Julia Fox, who previously dated rapper Kanye West, has weighed in on South African model Sonia Booth publicly accusing her husband Matthew Booth of having an affair. 

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Actress Julia Fox has heard about the South African cheesecakegate scandal. Julia replied to a TikTok video about former Bafana Bafana player Matthew Booth’s cheating scandal.

Matthew’s wife, Sonia Booth exposed him for allegedly cheating on her via several scathing Instagram posts. Sonia revealed that she used a private investigator who then tracked her husband’s every move. 

She claims the affair started on Valentine’s Day this year. The woman involved in the alleged affair is said to be a married woman named Bongani Moller.

An author named Janine shared a screenshot of a TikTok video showing Julia’s comment on cheesecakegate.

“We need to normalise publicly outing these men! Silence = protecting them,” she wrote. 

Take a look…

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So, where exactly did cheesecake gate come from? 

Matthew apparently baked a cheesecake which Sonia and family thought was for his son’s birthday but it disappeared. It seems he actually baked the cheesecake for his “side chick” and used her cake carrier Tupperware to take it to her, which Sonia found in Bongani’s home. 

“Two weeks ago I noticed cheesecake ingredients in the fridge and the boys got excited. On the 3rd of Nov (the eve of Nate’s bday) @matthewboothza bakes…at night, I was fast asleep already. In the morning we all got excited salivating over the cheesecake thinking it was for Nate’s bday,” she wrote.

“Imagine our shock and surprise when it disappeared from our fridge, the entire cake, not even a taste nor 3 slices nyana for me, N & N. We laughed and felt sorry for ourselves,” she continued.

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