Cassper Nyovest and Thobeka Majozi. Image via Instagram @bexxdoesitbetter.

‘Rolex gang’: Tweeps reckon Cassper is putting baby mama’s life in danger

Tweeps think Cassper Nyovest’s lavish R238k Rolex birthday gift to Thobeka Majozi was a ‘bad decision’ as it may ‘put her life in danger’.


Cassper Nyovest and Thobeka Majozi. Image via Instagram @bexxdoesitbetter.

South African rapper Cassper Nyovest spoiled his “baby mama” Thobeka Majozi with a Rolex for her birthday on 2 October. However, Tweeps thought the lavish gift might put her life in danger. 


Cassper Nyovest showed the mother of his son, Thobeka Majozi some love on her birthday this year. Taking to Instagram, the rapper posted a video of how he surprised Thobeka with an expensive Rolex watch for her birthday. 

In the video, Cassper leaves the gift on the bed and tells Thobeka he wrapped it himself. She then unwraps the gift and is in awe of the Rolex. She thereafter shows off the gift to what seems to be family or friends.

“Oh my god, this is so f****** dope,” said Thobeka Majozi.

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“It’s Baby Mom’s birthday so I bought her her first Rolex. Here’s a video of me surprising her. Shout out to @the_watch_channelsa for helping me fund the perfect piece. A 31mm date just with a factory diamond dial. Happy birthday Mama ka Boy @bexxdoesitbetter . Love you forever! You a real one!,” the post was captioned. 


Tweeps took to the comments section of the video to share their thoughts. One Twitter user expressed that Cassper Nyovest is on “levels” and shared a screenshot of the price of the Rolex, which is worth around R238 000. 

However, another Tweep thought that the gift was actually pre-owned. 

“This isn’t the price. Go 2the original store, these google prices aren’t real and the watch he bought is pre owned so it will even be lesser, doesn’t take away from the effort but the price you posted the isn’t the price of the watch. You can even contact where he bought it directly,” wrote @browniiesugar. 

While another Tweep thought that the gift was a bad decision because it might put her life in danger. The Tweep referenced the infamous “Rolex gang” robbers in the tweet. 

Other Tweeps thought the mother of Khotso, was used to expensive gifts. Therefore, she didn’t even scream when she saw the Rolex.

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