Ferguson Films creator Connie Ferguson

Ferguson Films creator Connie Ferguson. Image via Instagram @connie_ferguson

‘Carpet Sundays’: The one thing Connie Ferguson can’t do without Shona

‘The Queen’ actress Connie Ferguson shared an emotional video on Instagram about a special routine she and her late husband, Shona, shared.

Ferguson Films creator Connie Ferguson

Ferguson Films creator Connie Ferguson. Image via Instagram @connie_ferguson

Rockville actress Connie Ferguson shared a video on her Instagram account on Sunday 8 August with her followers in which she revealed her and Shona’s special “Carpet Sundays” routine.

The actress said she hasn’t been able to continue with their routine since he got hospitalised and passed away from Covid-19 complications.

The beloved actor and producer died on 30 July at the age of 47 after a month-long battle at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg.

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Connie Ferguson’s ‘Carpet Sundays’ video

The grief-stricken widow’s six-minute video has been viewed more than 900 000 times and left her fans heartbroken.

The mother of two daughters Lesedi and Alicia Ferguson also told her fans that she reckons God has blessed her with incredible supernatural strength since his passing.

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The actress also took to Instagram a day after his memorial service on Friday 6 August and expressed her gratitude to South Africans for their support.

I really have no words but to say thank you.

Thank you South Africa, the continent, and the world at large for the outpouring of love, words of comfort, and prayers.

My family and I appreciate you. God bless you all.

The newly widowed actress also thanked her colleagues and the events company who handled her husband’s funeral service.

Broodie Funeral and Nono_events , thank you for giving my husband a send-off worthy of a king!

There’s never been anything ordinary about this man of God, and to the last moment, he had to put on a SHO!

To my friends and colleagues, your support has been immeasurable!

Thank you and God bless and multiply you.


Shona Ferguson was diagnosed with COVID-19 on 26 June and was first admitted to Pinehaven hospital on 3 July when he struggled with low oxygen levels.

He was discharged from the hospital on 10 July, but re-admitted the following day when his condition deteriorated at home.

Ferguson was airlifted to Milpark Hospital five days later on 16 July when doctors couldn’t assist him at Pinehaven Hospital. and spent two weeks in ICU.

His family continuously prayed for him at Milpark when his condition worsened until he succumbed to his illness on the afternoon of 30 July.

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