Somizi, Bonang

Somizi and Bonang l. Images via Instagram @SomiziMhlongo, @bonang_m

‘I thought Bonang was smarter than that’: Somizi on B’s ‘YFA’ stint

Somizi has also weighed in on Bonang’s #YoungFamousandAfrican stint, saying he does not think it was a good idea for her to be in the show.

Somizi, Bonang

Somizi and Bonang l. Images via Instagram @SomiziMhlongo, @bonang_m

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo has joined a number of Bonang Matheba’s legion of fans – called the B Force – who are against her stint on the Netflix reality series Young, Famous and African (YFA).

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The House of BNG owner was especially criticised for her conduct during her heated conversation with model and former Big Brother Africa contestant Luis Munana.

In the show, Bonang lashed out at Luis and called him misogynistic for his views about Fantana’s fling with musician Diamond Platnumz.

During her rant, Bonang can be heard shouting “I f***ed the biggest stars in Africa” to justify why Fantana won’t just be remembered as Diamond’s fling.

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Luis Munana
‘Young Famous and African’ star Luis Munana. Images via Instagram @luismunana


While on Instagram Live, Somizi said that Bonang overreacted in that scene and her behaviour was unwarranted.

“She was rude to Luis and he was a gentleman. She and Swanky really reached, they tried to make something out of nothing. It had to do with her and the production house but not the people in the show,” he said.

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The Idols SA judge also addressed comments that Bonang left the show early to avoid accountability or because she didn’t like the group.

“Bonang is too smart to leave for something stupid like that. She is very smart and business-minded. I’ve known Bonang for the longest time, she would never leave because of someone else. Most of the time she leaves because there were contractual obligations that were not met or there were clashes or things did not go the way she wanted them to go in terms of the production. Now they make Khanyi look like she is a villain.”

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In addition, he said that although he understands why Bonang joined YFA, he feels she should not have agreed to the contract.

“There is a part of me when I was watching that scene, I was like, I don’t think Bonang should have taken this contract, but then again I get why she would take it because that platform gives you access to a new audience. I thought Bonang is smarter than that in terms of what to do, what to say and what not to say on TV. I think her emotions got the better of her. That’s now going to live with her for the rest of her career and her life. She will forever be reminded that she “f*cked the biggest stars in the continent”.