Bujy boity

Bujy Bikwa and Boity Thulo Images via Twitter @bujy @Boity

‘Boity was being sangoma-ish’, says Bujy’s ‘friend’ in leaked audio [listen]

A leaked audio clip of Bujy speaking to a close friend hours after allegedly throwing a glass at Boity Thulo, leaves room to conclude that there might be more to the story…

Bujy boity

Bujy Bikwa and Boity Thulo Images via Twitter @bujy @Boity

Media personality Bujy Bikwa was charged with assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, after allegedly throwing a glass at Boity Thulo at the Courtyard Hotel in Midrand on Thursday 30 September.

In an interesting twist of events, a clip of Bujy allegedly talking to, Huawei head of PR and communications Hlengiwe Mbambo, has hit social media and judging from Bujy’s words, it seems there might be another side to the story…

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According to the leaked audio clip, Bujy and Mbambo had a phone call a few hours after the alleged assault incident.

In the clip, the friend who is supposedly Mbambo, gives explicit details about how Boity allegedly started talking to Bujy’s ancestors and then began crying. 

“But I was helping her, Hlengs. Its not like I literally wanted to do something to Boity. I mean Boity… like why would I do that to her?” responds Bujy. 

In the audio, Mbambo attempts to calm Bujy down and when he expresses his fears that Boity will bewitch him, Mbambo responds: “You need to stop believing about that sh*t… That’s primitive stuff” and tells him to wait and see what Boity will do next.


“Mbambo” then tells Bujy that Boity is “not the life and end of life” after Bujy insists that he wants to make sure Boity is safe.

“No one is [gonna] arrest you. No one is gonna kill you, no one is gonna do sh*t to you, just relax.”

“Mbambo” proceeds to label Boity a “drama queen” and alleges that Boity said: “Oooh, my God. I got hit by the nerve, five times”. 

“The only people that know what happened is us, and we’ve got you both, so you need to relax,” says Mbambo. 

“If someone says Bujy, I’ll be HAAA, HAA…. Boity was being sangoma-ish! Relax, relax we got you.”

Reporting Boity the ambassador to Huawei?

A key part of the leaked audio clip is Mbambo saying: “I am going to be the one reporting to Huawei, your name won’t even be mentioned,” noting that Boity is currently a Huawei ambassador.

The now-deleted tweet wrote: “Here is the call that your Head PR and Communication Hlengiwe had with Bujy Bijwa a few hours after the alleged assault incident.”

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City Press reported that Boity Thulo had to be rushed to hospital after allegedly being assaulted by Bujy.

“They were drinking and talking about sangomas and ancestors before an argument started. I am not sure who started it, but they were screaming at each other,” said an eyewitness. 

Bujy spent the weekend at Johannesburg Correctional Centre and reportedly refused a male cell because male detainees make him “uncomfortable”.

The podcast host was granted R2 000 bail at the Midrand Magistrate’s Court on 6 October.