Media personality Bonang Matheba

‘Get a gas mask’: Bonang and more celebs react to Johannesburg stink. image via Instagram @Bonang_m

‘Black people wanna embarrass you’: Bonang on her 2017 Metro FM exit

TV and radio personality – Bonang Matheba has opened up about her time at Metro FM and her exit in light of the 2022 lineup.

Media personality Bonang Matheba

‘Get a gas mask’: Bonang and more celebs react to Johannesburg stink. image via Instagram @Bonang_m

Former Metro FM radio personality – Bonang Matheba has shared her reasons for exiting the popular radio station in light of Tbo Touch’s return and the April 2022 lineup.  

Matheba made headlines in 2017 and shocked Mzansi when she resigned from her show The Front Row after the station revealed that Lerato Kganyago would be joining her.   

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It all began when a fan of Bonang replied to Sizwe Dlohmo’s tweet about why radio stations like Metro FM make it awkward when they change line-ups every year.   

Sizwe Dhlomo tweeted:   

“Why do radio heads make it so awkward when they change a line-up? Just tell the affected parties man, damn!”

“People have lives to plan, it’s sad for them when they have to send statements via Twitter.”  

A fan of Bonang @TjayFawn replied:

“Bonang left metro for this reason right?”  

Queen B replied:   

“Yup. That place is run like a circus.”

“All they wanna do is embarrass you for no good reason. Black people.”  

Fans of the BNG star also echoed her sentiments about black people bringing each other down and hating on each other’s success.  


“Self-hate is a disease amongst Black people! I’ve worked in Corporate and then Government.”

“I’ve never experienced so much toxicity amongst people. Black government employees.”

“So much hatred and sabotage! Starts at the interviews with interrogation.”   

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When the media personality Bonang Matheba resigned from Metro FM via her Twitter in 2017, it came as a shock to many.   

She told Drum Magazine in 2017 that she was got a call from Metro FM on a Sunday asking her to come to the station and she declined because she with her family.   

She was told the next day(Monday) that she had a new producer and also a new co-host, and that JJ and Naked DJ were gone.  

She was flabbergasted, not because of having LKG (Lerato Kganyago) – who many South Africans blamed for her exit at the time.  

Bonang stated that she didn’t take the news well because of how they told her about the changes.   

“They were basically saying it’s either I get with the changes or I leave” and she left.  

“I need to make this clear, my leaving was not about LKG, I love her and I have publicly defended her on certain things. “  

Matheba’s former co-host – Lerato Kganyago also revealed in a 2019 interview with Masechaba Ndlovu that her darkest radio moment was the day in 2017 when she co-hosting with TV star Bonang Matheba.  

“I’m not trying to blame anyone. It was the day I did the show with Bonang, on that day,”   

“In the beginning it was great but it was very tense and I thought it was a teething phase, we will get over it.”  

“But it was just awkward. I have so much respect for her. She has her own reasons why she left.”   

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