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Bikini Wars: Anele finally hits back at Kelly Rowland’s swimsuit shade

‘Don’t worry about me and whether I am worried about how you think I look,’ wrote Anele Mdoda in a post finally responding to getting roasted for calling Kelly Rowland ‘ugly’.


Images via Twitter: @Anele

Last week Twitter was absolutely buzzing after US singer Kelly Roland supposedly threw shade at Anele Mdoda who said that she wasn’t beautiful over two years ago. Kelly shared a snap of herself looking hot in a bikini identical to one that Anele rocked a few weeks earlier…and soon Twitter users in South Africa and even the United States were tweeting about Anele.

She has since spoken out about getting body-shamed and dragged on the social media app.

Anele dragged for days in hectic Twitter storm

Last week was a tough week for South African TV and radio presenter Anele Mdoda who was supposedly shaded by US singer Kelly Rowland on Thursday 16 September.

One day later, she was also dragged by American Twitter users who quickly came to Kelly’s defence after hearing that Anele basically called her “ugly”.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse as people started body-shaming Anele by making fun of her weight. A few people also made fun of the way she looks and even compared her to American actor Anthony Anderson.

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Unbothered: The media personality speaks out

While Anele initially responded to the drama by not responding at all, she has since said that she doesn’t care whether or not people think she is beautiful. Taking to Twitter, she said that her craft, which is radio and TV presenting, is what is important to her.

“Don’t worry about me and whether I am worried about how you think I look, world. I say world because clearly, I am that much of a big deal. The only time I will be hurt is when you say I am not GREAT at my job and as we all know… not one of you can say that. Happy weekend,” reads her tweet.

While some people continued to come at her in the comment section, she seems to care even less. Seems like she has little to stress about as she was also recently announced as this year’s Miss South Africa 2021 host. Congratulations are definitely in order!

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