‘Celebrity Game Night’ returns for season four with host Anele Mdoda. Image via Instagram @zintatu.

Anele Mdoda defends Dineo Ranaka after she ‘discharged herself’

After reports claimed that Dineo Ranaka discharged herself from a mental facility, Anele Mdoda defended her against trolls on Twitter.


‘Celebrity Game Night’ returns for season four with host Anele Mdoda. Image via Instagram @zintatu.

South African media personality Anele Mdoda defended media personality Dineo Ranaka after a report claimed that she discharged herself from a mental facility on Friday, 2 June.

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Sunday World reports that Dineo Ranaka discharged herself from the mental facility she was admitted to after having a heated exchange with a health worker. Following the news, Tweeps weighed in on the matter, and some dragged Dineo for how she treats people. This was after the media personality opened up about having suicidal thoughts.

Media personality Anele Mdoda defended Dineo after Tweeps shared their thoughts. Take a look…

“I would have liked to see a little grace towards uDineo, no matter how wrong you seem to believe she is. She has said, I am not okay, I need light, and I am going through a rough time, and here we are peeking into a really sensitive and fragile time. Love people, especially when YOU believe they don’t deserve it 💕,” she tweeted.

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Sunday World reports that Dineo is back home recovering after allegedly discharging herself from the hospital on Friday, 2 June. The publication reports that the media personality discharged herself after confronting a health worker.

“Someone was on the phone so Dineo thought that person was taking a picture and she confronted him. Then the boy said to Dineo shut up and then they had a confrontation which ended up in him saying she must not take out her frustrations on him,” said a source to the publication.

This comes after Zimoja reported that Dineo was admitted to a mental health facility in Pretoria after she had suicidal thoughts last week.

“She appreciated all the messages she has received from everyone. She hasn’t been able to respond to everyone, but she is fighting. She will be okay. Dineo is a fighter, everybody knows that,” she said according to the publication.

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