Anele is once again trending for the wrong thing. Image via Twitter: @Anele

Anele Mdoda in dog box AGAIN after body-shaming skinny women

‘How is such a person still associated with the Miss SA brand?’ wrote a tweep after radio personality Anele Mdoda body-shamed skinny ladies.


Anele is once again trending for the wrong thing. Image via Twitter: @Anele

South African TV and radio personality Anele Mdoda does not seem to care what she says on social media – even when her words come back to bite her. T

The radio host recently got thoroughly roasted in both South Africa and the United States after Kelly Rowland shaded her with a bikini photo and now she’s being dragged again for body-shaming skinny ladies.

Anele gets slammed for a body-shaming post

The Breakfast Club host Anele Mdoda really has no chill. Just a few weeks ago the popular media personality was trending after she was allegedly shaded by US singer Kelly Rowland who decided to post a swimsuit photo that was strikingly similar to one Anele posted just a few weeks earlier.

If you’re wondering why that could be considered shade, it’s because two years ago Anele called Kelly ugly, and ever since then, Twitter users have been calling Anele out – something many are speculating led to Kelly finding out about what Anele said.

Anyway, Anele is once again trending after she shamelessly body-shamed skinny ladies. Taking to Twitter she wrote:

“Can y’all respect us !!!! I don’t see a security company called THIN but there is one called CHUBB… so please.”

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Tweeps share their thoughts and they are not impressed at all

The whole Kelly Rowland drama saw Anele being body shamed and subsequently getting defended by a number of people who found it inappropriate that her weight was being mentioned.

Now a lot of people are upset over the fact that she has now body-shamed skinny women. A lot of them have even called on her to be removed as a host on this year’s Miss South Africa crowning.

@NamelessGirl938 said:

“It’s funny how people think it’s okay to say snaaks things about skinny people yet if skinny people were to do the same it’d be called fatphobia.”

@Bassie_Mp said:

“When a friend of mine said to me that some chubby girls are bullies towards skinny girls because they hate their bodies I didn’t believe her. Now a whole Miss SA judge post’s such on Twitter.”

@noma_zulu14 said:

“How is such a person still associated with Miss SA brand. From calling other women ugly to skeletons. I wonder what you call some of the contestants behind their backs if you can say such on a public platform.”

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