Amy Kleinhans-Curd reacts to Anita Lloyd asking the housewives to leave her home. Images: supplied.

‘Left a bitter taste’: Amy Kleinhans on Anita kicking housewives out

Amy Kleinhans-Curd and Karen Schwendtke were not happy when Anita Lloyd asked them to leave her home on ‘RHOWL’.


Amy Kleinhans-Curd reacts to Anita Lloyd asking the housewives to leave her home. Images: supplied.

Amy Kleinhans-Curd and Karen Schwendtke reacted to Anita Lloyd kicking them and the other Wynlande housewives out of her home on the latest episode of the Real Housewives van die Wynlande (RHOWL) which aired on KykNet on Thursday 25 May.

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Anita Lloyd invited the Wynlande housewives over to her “rugby field” sized home for a poker night which spiralled out of control. She eventually said that she needed her beauty sleep and asked ALL the ladies to leave her home. When Mariska Thrope asked if they were going to get a food takeaway she also said no.

So, Amy Kleinhans-Curd expressed that it left a bitter tasted in her mouth that Anita has just asked them to leave while Karen was also quite upset.

“Anita decides that it is time for us to leave right now… I really wished she didn’t do that. It left a bitter taste in my mouth,” said Amy.

Karen expressed that it did not sit well with her and she did not appreciate being kicked out of Anita’s the home. “I can honestly say it was the fasted I’ve ever been through someone’s front door.”

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Anita was visibly irritated by Karen Schwendtke asking questions and not taking the game seriously. Karen also kept interrupting the dealer which upset Anita. Michelle van Zyl on the other hand became “childlike” according to Candice Bester and was also not paying attention

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The reality star later became enraged by Karen as she felt there were sarcastic remarks made. Anita expressed that she was tired, needed her beauty sleep and wanted everyone to leave and go home.

“Okay, and now you can all go home,” she said.

The episode aired after Anita’s husband was announced to be stepping down as the CEO of KWV. The reality star was blamed for her husband stepping down. However, KWV told The Citizen Boyce being replaced had nothing to do with Anita as he resigned as CEO in August 2022.

Anita Lloyd is the fan favourite on ‘RHOWL’. Image: supplied.

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