Amapiano singer Coolkiid

Amapiano singer Coolkiid is out on bail after being arrested for allegedly raping a 13-year-old girl. Images via @coolkiid_rsa/Instagram

Amapiano singer Coolkiid admits to raping 13-year-old girl [watch]

‘Ingelosi’ singer Coolkiid was granted R2 000 bail after having unprotected sex with a minor in December last year.

Amapiano singer Coolkiid

Amapiano singer Coolkiid is out on bail after being arrested for allegedly raping a 13-year-old girl. Images via @coolkiid_rsa/Instagram

A video of amapiano and afropop musician Coolkiid confessing to having sexual intercourse with an underaged girl, has been shared on social media.

The Inhliziyo hitmaker — whose real name is Avuyile Nkompolo — was arrested last December after the victim’s father opened a rape case against him.

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In the video shared by Zimoja on Twitter, Coolkiid, 24, is questioned by the 13-year-old girl’s father about the incident.

“I said to you we will see how we fix this. Tell me what you did. You’re making me a fool. You’re denying it again. Yesterday you told me it was a mistake,” the man says.

When asked why he committed the act, he repeatedly apologises. The minor’s father further questions him about the use of protection.

Watch the video below:

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According to Daily Sun, Coolkiid and the girl met in Stilfontein, North West, when she was visiting her father who lives with the singer.

A police statement revealed that the victim was completely smitten when she met the celebrity. She allegedly later wrote the artist a letter asking him to have sex with her to which he apparently agreed to.

The Ingelosi singer was arrested on 28 December and spent New Year’s Day under police guard at Tshepong Hospital in Klerksdorp as he suffered serious head injuries after the victim’s father physically assaulted him.

On 17 January, Coolkiid appeared at the Stilfontein Magistrate’s Court, where he was granted R2 000 bail.

He is expected back in court on Thursday 9 February.


Zimoja reports that soon after being granted bail, he posted on Facebook:

“Devil is a liar, thank God I survived, and I made it back home stronger. People are so evil, never trust anyone. I still cannot believe everything happened on my birthday (28 December). I thank Godnabaphansi for ukungikhusela (my ancestors for protecting me through everything bad that happened to me.)”

Speaking to the publication, the victim’s uncle slammed the South African law as weak for granting Coolkiid bail despite his confession.

“Our law in South Africa is very weak. How can someone who confessed to sleeping with a minor be given bail when he should be behind bars? This boy is disrespectful towards our family, and he doesn’t see anything wrong in what he did. He has destroyed the girl’s future, yet he comes out and calls us devils,” he said.

“I don’t mean to sound like a politician but for now I am a parent that will do anything to protect my children. For what happened in the case of Coolkiid I can say this is an injustice. I don’t want to lie; I am angry at the fact that he is out on bail with everything he did. I want him to rot in jail. This boy is busy gigging as if there is no dark cloud hanging over his head. This is unfair to us,” he continued.