SA Twitter is asking Alicia Keys to bake a cheesecake following the Matthew Booth cheating scandal. Images via
Unsplash, @aliciakeys,/Instagram

LOL! Tweeps flood Alicia Keys with cheesecake recipe suggestions

South Africans are asking US singer Alicia Keys to bake a cheesecake following Sonia’s explosive cheating allegations against Matthew Booth.


SA Twitter is asking Alicia Keys to bake a cheesecake following the Matthew Booth cheating scandal. Images via
Unsplash, @aliciakeys,/Instagram

American musician Alicia Keys is probably one of the most confused people on Twitter after getting a plethora of cheesecake requests from South Africans.

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Following the Sonia and Matthew Booth cheating scandal on Monday 7 November, the word “cheesecake” trended on social media.

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Sonia Booth, who has been married to former soccer player Matthew Booth since 2001, exposed him for cheating. She claims the affair between the soccer analyst and his colleague Bongani Mthombeni-Moller started on Valentine’s Day this year, as she also provided receipts she got from her private investigator.

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According to Sonia, Matthew had been using their joint bank account and her vehicle, which has a tracker in it, to spend quality time with Bongani. The two allegedly took a road trip to Empangeni in KwaZulu-Natal, they spent valentines day together and also had lunch dates.

Before exposing the football analyst, Sonia said that she was able to find the woman and her husband’s detail through the tracker data. She then met with Bongani’s husband who revealed that he had been trying different approaches to get her to stop cheating over the last 10 years.

“He felt that what I shared via email justified our meeting. We had coffee this morning and he gave his blessings for me to do this because he doesn’t know what else to do, he tried different approaches over the last ten years.”


While the cheating claims and everything around it was interesting for South Africans, it was the cheesecake and Sonia’s emphasis on the story about it that netizens focused on more.

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The mom of three mentioned that her husband made a cheesecake which she thought was for their son’s birthday, but it unfortunately disappeared the next day as she later found out it was for the alleged mistress.

“2 weeks ago I noticed cheesecake ingredients in the fridge and the boys got excited. On the 3rd of Nov (the eve of Nate’s bday) @matthewboothza bakes…at night, I was fast asleep already. In the morning we all got excited salivating over the cheesecake thinking it was for Nate’s bday,” she wrote.

“Imagine our shock and surprise when it disappeared from our fridge, the entire cake, not even a taste nor 3 slices nyana for me, N & N. We laughed and felt sorry for ourselves,” she continued.


With cheesecake still on everyone’s lips, American singer Alicia Keys was ropped into the chat.

When South Africans saw the No One hitmaker’s tweet about recipe suggestions, everyone thought “cheesecake!”.

Others found irony in Alicia Keys’ tweet about the desert, as it came at a time when a cheating scandal was trending, linking her tweet to her cheating scandal by calling her “queen of the stina [brick]” — a term used to refer to a homewrecker.

Although the Fallin’ hitmaker denied the claims in 2011, fans still refer to her as a homewrecker as it was widely reported that she allegedly started dating her husband Swizz Beatz while he was still married to his ex-wife.