Tweeps slam AKA over tweet about Trevor Noah. Images via Instagram @trevornoah @akaworldwide.

‘Stop tweeting’: AKA slammed over ‘Trevor is not coloured’ tweet

Tweeps slammed rapper AKA over his ‘Trevor is not coloured’ tweet whoch sparked a racial debate on Twitter. Take a look…


Tweeps slam AKA over tweet about Trevor Noah. Images via Instagram @trevornoah @akaworldwide.

Tweeps slammed rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, popularly known as AKA, following his tweet about comedian Trevor Noah’s race on Friday 12 August. 


It all started when AKA questioned if South African footballer and a first-team coach at Manchester United Benni McCarthy was considered “black excellence”.

“Quick question … is Benni “Black Excellence” or nah? … just need an update with regards to who takes the W here. Thanks,” he tweeted.

A Tweep then asked about race and questioned if South African-born comedian Trevor Noah is coloured.

“I once saw on SABC news colored parents protesting against a black ( African) principal, they didn’t want a black principal in their school… it’s an interesting question: What is a colored? Is Trevor Noah colored ? Is Lucas Radebe colored? Lucas’s mother is colored,” wrote @bsibisi1.

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AKA replied saying that he does not think Trevor is coloured in a South African sense but admitted to being confused. 

AKA sparks race debate on Twitter over tweet about Trevor Noah. Images via Instagram @akaworldwide @trevornoah.

The Daily Show host published No 1 New York Times bestseller, Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood — his autobiographical take on being born under apartheid law — in 2016. 

Trevor wrote about his father Robert Noah, who has Swiss-German ancestry, while his mom, Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah, is a Xhosa woman in the best-selling book.

“Uhm no … Trevor is not Coloured in the South African sense … or is he? I dunno. I’m confused now,” AKA replied to the Tweep.

Tweeps have slammed AKA for his comment on Twitter. Take a look…

“See how dumb apartheid analogy makes people look,” wrote @RedFox67924391.

“This ou should rather stop tweeting,” wrote @robin06legal.


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