AKA, nelli tembe

A new report has allegedly linked AKA’s murder suspect to the scene where his fiancee Nelli Tembe died in 2021.
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AKA murder accused ALSO present at Nelli Tembe death – report

Was AKA’s murder suspect known to him? According to a report, the mystery person was also present when Nelli Tembe died in 2021…

AKA, nelli tembe

A new report has allegedly linked AKA’s murder suspect to the scene where his fiancee Nelli Tembe died in 2021.
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According to a latest report, police have made a significant breakthrough in the murder investigation of rapper AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes.

But that’s not all. According to a City Press report, one of the murder suspects has been linked back to the hitmaker. And bizarrely, the suspect was also allegedly at the scene when the later star’s fiancee Anele “Nelli” Tembe died two years ago

AKA and a friend Tebello Tibz Motsoane were shot and killed in Durban on 11 February 2023. On 10 April 2021, Nelli Tembe died after she fell off the 10th floor of a Cape Town hotel. At the time, Tembe was accompanying the rapper to a gig in the city.

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According to sources in a City Press report, police have made the following developments in the murder investigation of AKA and Tibz.

  • Confiscation of a firearm used in the murders, a prepaid airtime voucher, and the getaway car used in the hit
  • The knowledge that AKA and Tibz were reportedly followed from the King Shaka Airport to the restaurant – Wish on Florida – where they had their last meal
  • The murders were allegedly linked to a “feared and powerful” KwaZulu- Natal family. The family reportedly have ties in the taxi and construction industry.
  • An alleged suspect – found with the murder weapon – has been “strategically charged with other offences as the investigators build a strong case around them in the murder of AKA and his manager.”

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The publication also made another bombshell claim.

A source told City Press: “One of the people [involved] was present at the scene where Nelisiwe ‘Nellie’ Tembe died. The person allegedly met with one of the suspects who has been arrested on a different charge and was [allegedly] involved in the shooting.”

In an interview with Bar Leader TV in June 2021, AKA stated that he and Nelli had met with friends for lunch on the eve of her death. The couple were staying at the Pepperclub Hotel in Loop Street.

Anele Nelli Tembe, AKA
AKA’s fiancee Nelli Tembe fell to her death off the 10th floor of the Pepper Club Hotel in Cape Town. Images via Instagram: @akaworldwide/ Property24

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However, following her death – and AKA’s recent murder – a leaked letter to the NPA revealed how the Tembe family suspected the rapper had allegedly pushed her off the balcony.

The letter – from the family’s attorneys – also shared their beliefs of what they believed happened during and after Nelli’s fatal fall.

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This included allegations that AKA:

  • Partied and drank AFTER Nelli’s death with a group of friends
  • IGNORED Nelli, who was still alive for 20 minutes after the fall
  • He cleaned up blood in the hotel room, possibly concealing an altercation.
  • Made a call to reception for assistance AFTER her fall