Linda Sebezo

Actress Linda Sebezo.Image via Twitter @Linda_Sebezo

Actress Linda Sebezo: ‘I was arrested for drugs worth R5 million’

Actress Linda Sebezo discusses getting arrested for ‘possession’ of drugs worth R5 million and spending time at Sun City Maximum Prison.

Linda Sebezo

Actress Linda Sebezo.Image via Twitter @Linda_Sebezo

SAFTA award-winning actress Linda Sebezo, who was the latest guest in King David’s podcast says police found drugs in her house worth R5 million, arrested her, and she spent several months in prison. 

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The former Isibaya actress Linda Sebezo revealed on King David’s podcast that she got arrested on New Year’s Day for the possession of drugs worth R5 million and that she spend months at the Sun City Maximum Prison.  

The actress adds in the interview that she was at home with her grandmother on New Year’s Day when the police came knocking on her door…  

The police started searching her house and told her: “We want drugs…drugs.”  

They further searched the garden tool room, found drugs, and arrested her. The actress explains she had no knowledge of the drugs and was shocked when the police officer revealed that the drugs were worth R5 million street value.   

Sebezo also tells David that she was denied bail because her passport proved that she’s travelled overseas and she might skip the country.  

According to Drum Magazine, Sebezo was arrested for a crime she says she didn’t commit.   

“Heh! It was a dark time when I was arrested for what I didn’t not do. I was in Sun City Maximum Prison for three months!”   

When she finally got released the magistrate informed her that the drugs found in her house had been there for almost five years and that she couldn’t be the owner because she’s only lived in her house for two years.

The police eventually found the drug dealers a year after her release from prison. The 55-year-old mother of two children also told Drum Magazine that she was teaching women how to dance, act and sing and that she never gave up because she knew she was innocent.   

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News24 reports that the SAFTA award-winning actress’s success in acting all started with hiking; little did she know that the Beemer (BMW) that stopped was being driven by the late legendary creative, Gibson Kente.   

“When we got into the car, I realised that it was Bra Gib and I boldly told him that I wanted to act. He gave me his address and I went to audition in his garage,” she says. On the first try, she was given a lead role in a theatre show. “I found Brenda Fassie there. I was there to make my mark too.”   

“To this day, it doesn’t matter who is prettier than me in a room but when I enter, they know that Linda has arrived.”  

“I don’t know what depression is. I have never let my life be destroyed by circumstances. I decided long ago to live my life the best way I want to and that’s what I am doing.” 

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