Bonang Matheba house of BNG MCC

Bonang Matheba at the launch of her new House of BNG MCC range. Image via Twitter @MantshaMaponya

Bonang Matheba seeks R500 000 in damages from podcaster

Podcaster Rea Gopane claimed he was told that Bonang Matheba introduced her former boyfriend, rapper AKA, to cocaine

Bonang Matheba house of BNG MCC

Bonang Matheba at the launch of her new House of BNG MCC range. Image via Twitter @MantshaMaponya

You don’t mess with Bonang Matheba and podcaster Rea Gopane is learning that lesson the hard way. Queen B’s lawyers have filed papers on Gopane and are ordering him to apologise for making defamatory statements about their client. He has until 16:00 to do so, or Matheba will take the matter further.

“My instruction is to invite you to mitigate your unlawful conduct and provide an immediate apology and unconditional retraction, which should be in writing and published on your various platforms, including Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter,”Matheba’s lawyer Stephen Thomson said in papers.

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Rea Gopane, who co-hosts his podcast Everything SA Music TV on Youtube, caused quite a storm on Twitter when a snippet of it was circulated. In the clip, he claims he was told by TV and radio personality Scoop Makhathini that Bonang Matheba had introduced her former boyfriend AKA to cocaine. Gopane and his co-host were responding to the controversy surrounding AKA and the death of his fiance, Anele Tembe and amid allegations that the couple were on drugs.

It doesn’t end there, Bonang also wants R500 000 in damages within 10 days.

“To this end, I am instructed to demand from you R500 000 within 10 days. Should this sum not be paid within the prescribed time, I have instructions to issue summons without further notice to you. Please provide your physical address to avoid summons being served via Facebook and/or Instagram,” Thomson said.

Intially, Bonang had wanted to issue the papers via his email, but he had reportedly refused, prompting her to go public – and serve him via social media.

“It is regrettable that this correspondence is required to be sent to you via a social media platform simply because you prefer to hide yourself to avoid facing your legal responsibilities,” he added.

According to Thomson, they had made contact with Gopane and given him an opportunity to issue a retraction and public apology, but he failed to do so, despite telling them that he would.