Black Coffee

Black Coffee. Images via Instagram: @realblackcoffee

Tweeps think Black Coffee is better off with a white woman

‘Grootman is moving in the right direction, away from black woman,’ wrote a Tweep after seeing a snap of Black Coffee and a mystery woman.

Black Coffee

Black Coffee. Images via Instagram: @realblackcoffee

South African Twitter users have shared their thoughts on local musician Black Coffee’s new rumoured romance. According to many of them, his decision to date a white woman will bring him a much more peaceful life after his divorce from actress Enhle Mbali.

This comes after a photo of a white woman kissing the DJ on his cheek was shared online.

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Tweeps support Black Coffees rumoured new relationship

Black Coffee has topped Twitter trends ever since his interview with popular podcaster MacG.

During the interview, the musician veered away from speaking about his failed relationship with Enhle Mbali who is also the mother of two of his children.

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While he didn’t touch on their nasty divorce and the abuse allegations levelled against him, he did say that he has no plans of ever getting married again.

Shortly after the interview, a photo of Black Coffee and another woman started circulating online and many speculated that she is the new love of his life.

DJ Black Coffee girlfriend
Could this mystery woman be DJ Black Coffee’s ‘new love of his life’? Image via Twitter @lebohangbokako

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Tweeps react to the new girl

Soon people were sharing their thoughts on the rumoured romance.

Many people shared that it was good for him to find love again while others made controversial comments about the woman being white.

Take a look at some of their comments:

@Fryinpanwarrior stated:

“Congrats to him. His life will be much less stressful believe me.”

While Chris Excel said:

“Groot man is moving in the right direction, away from black woman.”

One person however said that the comments are unfair and that skin tone doesn’t matter.

“Skin color means nothing and doesn’t mean there will always be peace. Oksalayo zisazokhala nalapho,” said the Tweep.

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