Black Coffee madison square

Black Coffee is set to perform at Madison Square Garden. Image via Instagram @realblackcoffee

‘I won’t get married again’: Black Coffee on failed marriage

DJ Black Coffee was a guest on the latest episode of ‘Podcast and Chill’. He reportedly got candid about his failed marriage with Enhle.

Black Coffee madison square

Black Coffee is set to perform at Madison Square Garden. Image via Instagram @realblackcoffee

South African Grammy Award-winning producer Nkosinathi Maphumulo, popularly known by his stage name DJ Black Coffee was a guest on Podcast and Chill’s latest episode; he finally got candid about his relationship with his estranged wife, actress Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa following having fans curious to know what the drama with his ex was all about.


Black Coffee has been trending on social media, and fans were curious to know what caused the couple to split.

The international DJ had tweeted several times about his mental health taking a toll after his marriage collapsed.

Meanwhile, Mlotshwa has also made headlines for being involved with a married man, Justice Huni.

Black Coffee
Black Coffee shared light on his failed marriage with Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa. Image via Instagram @realblackcoffee

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According to TshisaLIVE, Black Coffee revealed his marriage ended because he and Mlotshwa’s goals changed from when they met and married.

He was said to have shared that they had grown apart and was quoted as saying,

“I think I can safely say we both started wanting different things. If I can say we, I’ll say definitely, I did. Over time, we started wanting different things, and problems started.”

The Drive hitmaker is reportedly working on bettering himself and said he started seeing a therapist after he was bashed for being a “horrible human being.”

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He reportedly shared that he had started to believe what people were saying and wondered whether any of it was true, so he wanted to work on himself and get to the bottom of it.

Black Coffee was said to have shared that he had a tough past and had wanted to reassure the “dusty little boy” in him that he was seen.

“I want to give that dusty little boy as many hugs as I can and reassure him and make sure he’s seen. Which is why I’m doing the internal work…I am doing, and that changes me into a different human being as we grow into the relationship,” the DJ was quoted as saying.

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Black Coffee was said to have no future plans of ever getting married again and was quoted as saying,

“Today, I know for a fact, I won’t get married again. I’m clear about that because I am now in a better space in understanding who I am”.


Previously reported by The South African, Mlotshwa and her married lover Huni were reportedly accused of having an affair behind Huni’s wife’s back. Valentine Huni, also known as Bango reportedly shared that the couple had been seeing each other for years despite her efforts to stop her husband from seeing Mlotshwa.

According to Sunday World, Mlotshwa reportedly filed for a protection order to stop her lover’s wife from badgering her.

In the order, Mlotshwa detailed that she had been getting harassed by Bango since December and had filed a protection order against her.

Mlotshwa reportedly provided the court with her evidence, as quoted below:

  1. Statement of me [Mlotshwa] having an affair with her husband,
  2. Screenshot of Valentine searching [Mlotshwa‘s] Instagram account.
  3. Recording of when she confronted me [Mlotshwa].
  4. Video she recorded browsing through my [Mlotshwa’s] IG (Instagram) and
  5. A screenshot of calling and texting [Mlotshwa] nonstop,”

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