‘Scripture by candlelight’ for

Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee in happier times. Image: Frederick M Brown/Getty Images

‘Scripture by candlelight’ for Enhle Mbali and sons after electricity is cut off

Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali’s divorce just got a whole lot messier as the DJ took to Twitter to ask his estranged wife to take care of her bills after she shared on Instagram that her electricity had been cut off.

‘Scripture by candlelight’ for

Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee in happier times. Image: Frederick M Brown/Getty Images

On Monday 10 May, Enhle Mbali shared via her Instagram Stories that her electricity had been cut off, leaving her and the estranged couple’s two sons in darkness. It did not take the world-renowned DJ long to hit back at her on Twitter, saying the “children are suffering because of her lifestyle” and that she should “stop lying”. 


Mbali put up a brave face in her Instagram post by saying:

“We gonna shame the devil and enjoy the darkness. Me and my boys,” she wrote. 

“Script time under candle light…,” she wrote in another story. 

It did not take long before a Twitter user shared screenshots of Enhle Mbali’s Instagram Stories on the social media platform, saying that “divorce is hectic”. 


DJ Black Coffee then shared a screenshot of Enhle Mbali’s Instagram post on Twitter asking her to stop lying, blaming her for making their children suffer.

“Stop lying!!! The lies are too much. I won’t be quiet anymore.The children you publicly claim to be protecting are suffering because your lifestyle,” wrote Black Coffee. 


Black Coffee added that he has been taking care of all the household expenses and the school needs of the children. He further mentioned that since November he has been paying R65 000 towards Enhle Mbali and their children.


Black Coffee also addressed the issue of the electricity bill, saying that as from March, he has been sending her the electricity bills. 

“Take care of your bills,” he added. 


Black Coffee did not stop there. He mentioned that seeing the actress make fun of the electricity being cut is painful to him and the kids do not deserve this. He said he settled the electricity bill but going forward she should take care of the bill.



Over the weekend,  an emotional Enhle Mbali said she will be holding a press conference bringing all the receipts of Black Coffee’s lies. Earlier today, she also took to Twitter to ask if she can speak about the specifics around signing a non-disclosure agreement. 


Black Coffee also shut this down, as well as her assault claims, in a tweet saying there has never been any.