blac chyna

Blac Chyna is changing her ways. Image via Instagram: @blacchyna

Blac Chyna finds God, gets tattoos removed, and dumps OnlyFans

Ever since her baptism, Blac Chyna has removed her facial fillers, got rid of her OnlyFans account and has even started removing her tattoos.

blac chyna

Blac Chyna is changing her ways. Image via Instagram: @blacchyna

American reality TV star and Instagram model Blac Chyna is seemingly turning over a new leaf. The socialite has been making a number of huge changes in her life and it appears social media users love it for her. So far, Chyna has gone back to using her real name Angela White, got baptised and even removed her tattoos and face fillers.

She has shared every step of her new journey with her millions of online fans who have all been very supportive.

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Blac Chyna turns over a new leaf

Blac Chyna is famous for her sexy curves and relationships with high-profile celebs such as rapper Tyga and Rob Kardashian — the younger brother of superstar Kim Kardashian.

While her looks first got her famous, it looks like she is no longer interested in that kind of fame.

Blac Chyna Sex
Blac Chyna has dropped her bad girl image. Images via Instagram: @blacchyna

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The model recently took to Instagram to share that she was getting her facial fillers removed.

She is now also going by her birth name Angela White and was baptised in November last year.

Chyna shared a video of the baptism much to the delight of her fans who love all of the changes.

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Following the “light”?

Her latest Instagram clip shows her getting her Baphomet tattoo removed.

“Thank you God for saving me. Removing the Baphomet tattoo. I’m sending this energy back to the owner,” she captioned the clip while also explaining the meaning behind the tattoo.

Another major change for Chyna includes exiting the adult content subscription site OnlyFans.

The star reportedly made an estimated $360 million from the platform but now says she quit because she “knows her worth”.

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