Bishop Makamu

Image: Instagram/@bishop_makamu

Is this Bishop Makamu’s ‘mystery lady’? Family says Twitter got the wrong girl

Twitter users believe they found Bishop Makamu’s ‘mystery lady’, but others say users of the popular social media platform have got it wrong.

Bishop Makamu

Image: Instagram/@bishop_makamu

After the host of the hit talk show Rea Tsotella on the Moja Love channel on DStv, Bishop Makamu voluntarily stepped down while an investigation involving him gets underway, tweeps on Twitter claimed that they found the mystery lady whom he allegedly solicited a sexual favour from.

Bishop steps down from talk show 

According to ZAlebs, Makamu had to step down from the show after an audio clip of him allegedly soliciting a sexual favour from a member of his church, the Endless Hope Bible Church in Alberton, went viral.

After the news spread like wildfire, social media users decided to step in and investigate all while sharing some jokes. What’s more, tweets of condemnation (especially because he is believed to be “a married man of God who is expected to lead by the word he preaches”), also started to trend on Twitter.

The audio clip – in which he can be heard speaking to the woman in Setswana – was also shared on Twitter:

Looking for Bishop Makamu’s ‘mystery lady’

Now, tweeps believe they found the mystery woman. But it wasn’t long after pictures of the unknown young lady circulated on social media when it caught the attention of her family, friends and colleagues.

People close to the woman in the picture, came to her defence saying she is “distraught” and that she is Xhosa and cannot speak Setswana.

A Twitter user by the handle, @mjoloapp, stated that she is their colleague and that the picture should be removed.

Another social media user, @Sanelem__, said that this is just speculation:

Another social media user claims she is his sister:

“Apparently that is not her. Some idiot posted this innocent girl, probably because of kwaal [sic],” said another.

Meanwhile, according to reports, a woman who identified herself as the unknown woman’s aunt, said:

“Bethuna we woke up to my niece’s pictures being circulated in these social media streets more so Twitter, aligning her to the Bishop makamu saga. Ndiyanicela bethuna stop spreading malicious lies ngoba the damage that you are creating is more than one can think. The family is hurting yiyo yonke lento yalo mntu who obviously knows my niece and is circulating these pics. She can’t even speak le language ikule voice note to save her life, NGUMXHOSA WASEQOBOQOBO.”