Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is living his best life on a yacht. Image via Twitter: @JeffBezos

Billionaire Jeff Bezos flexes toned body with girlfriend on yacht [photos]

Fitter than youngsters: A very buff Jeff Bezos and his fit girlfriend have been living their best life on a R661k yacht this festive season.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is living his best life on a yacht. Image via Twitter: @JeffBezos

Jeff Bezos is living his best life this December and recent snaps of him on a yacht with his girlfriend prove it. In the snaps, Bezos and Lauren Sanchez shower each other with affection while showing off their toned bodies. As you can imagine, the yacht was not cheap at all and cost the couple a pretty penny.

Jeff Bezos lives his best life on expensive yacht

It’s the festive season and people all over are finding ways to wind down as the year comes to an end. Being a billionaire and all, 57-year-old Jeff Bezos is doing things a little more lavishly than the rest of us – something that is completely expected of him.

Photos show the Amazon founder and his 51-year-old girlfriend Lauren Sanchez living it up on a yacht that costs around R661k to rent a week.

Bezos showed off his buff body in black swim trunks that matched his girlfriend's bikini
Jeff Bezos is living his best life on a yacht. Image via Splash News

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The couple has reportedly been in St. Barts since Christmas and has been spending their time hiking, swimming, and tanning.

Snaps show Lauren in a tiny black bikini while Bezos shows off his toned physique in black shorts. They also appear to be enjoying each other’s company a lot and seemingly couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Netizens react

People loved watching the ultra-rich spend their money on living lavishly and obviously shared their many thoughts. Most people were just shocked that they were as toned as they are.

EnGardest said:

“The two of them are more fit than most of the younger ones pictured.”

Nate3m said:

“Those photos are taken from miles away, she is posing but she has to keep the game on for a long time since it is random pics.”

SS said:

“She’s working it for the paps.”

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