‘Big Brother VIP’: Meghan Mark

Image: Twitter/Channel Seven

‘Big Brother VIP’: Meghan Markle’s brother writes letter to her and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle’s brother has written a new letter to his sister, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in an upcoming episode of ‘Big Brother VIP’.

‘Big Brother VIP’: Meghan Mark

Image: Twitter/Channel Seven

Meghan Markle’s brother, Thomas is seen writing a letter to her and Prince Harry in a newly released trailer for the upcoming series of Big Brother VIP.

Meghan Markle’s brother writes letter | Big Brother VIP

According to the Mirror, the show is a spin-off from the popular Australian version of the TV franchise and features high-profile stars including Caitlyn Jenner, Jessika Power and Bernard Curry.

After Thomas made headlines for talking about his famous half-sister, a new teaser trailer reveals Thomas’ new plans.

“You know I’m famous for writing letters,” boasts Thomas in the new ad. “I’m going to write a letter to Meghan,” he teases.

The 55-year-old was reported to have written a letter in the past to Prince Harry, pleading with him no to marry Meghan.

However, it is not known whether Meghan or Harry read the letter Thomas Jr claimed he sent.


Thomas Junior

“Dear Meghan and Harry, the first thing I want to say to both of you…” Thomas reads, before a question appears on the screen that reads: “What’s in the letter?

He is sat next to Australian Survivor star Luke Toki in the clip as the producers tease what the content of the letter might be.

He previously described himself as “the biggest brother of them all” and said that he initially told Prince Harry that Meghan is “going to ruin your life” and that she is “very shallow”.


Thomas later backtracked on his serious objections to the nuptials and boasted his sister was to be “one of the best things” to happen to the royal family.

A Modern Princess

He told the Mirror that he was extremely proud of the US actress, saying: “My sister’s going to be one of the best things ever to have happened to the royal family.

“She will be the perfect modern princess. I wish Meg and Harry nothing but a happy and healthy future together”.

Thomas described his open letter as a “moment of madness” and that he was sorry for any offence caused and that he been at “breaking point” in his life.

About Thomas Jr

Thomas Jr, who shares a father with the Duchess, told Bild the last time he had seen her was in 2011, claiming his family believe she is now a “changed person”.

The Sun reports further that when Meghan was born in 1981, Thomas Jr was living with his father, sister Samantha Grant, and step-mother Doria, Meghan’s mum.

He lives in Grant’s Pass, Oregon, and works as a window fitter. He was married for 11 years to Tracy Dooley, with whom he has two sons – Thomas and Tyler.

His ex-wife, Tracy, said he has alcohol issues, according to the publication.