Londie London hlubi

Reality TV star Londie London, her children and ex-fiancée Hlubi Nkosi. Images via Instagram @londie_london_official

Londie on taking ‘deadbeat’ Hlubi Nkosi to maintenance court

Singer and former #RHOD cast member Londie says her ex-fiancée, Hlubi Nkosi, is a deadbeat father to their two kids.

Londie London hlubi

Reality TV star Londie London, her children and ex-fiancée Hlubi Nkosi. Images via Instagram @londie_london_official

Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star Londie London spoke candidly about her ex-fiancée Hlubi Nkosi during an interview with rapper and podcaster L-Tido on his YouTube show of the same name.

During the interview, which aired on Wednesday, 24 May, Londie said that the businessman is not physically present in their children’s lives.

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The former couple share two kids, a baby boy; Uminathi, and a girl named Bomikazi. Last year, the couple broke up and although many believed that it was because of cheating, Londie told L-Tido that that was not true.

“It got to a point where the relationship was very dark for me. There was no support, he was till living his bachelor life and I felt like I had the plans alone when we actually had the plans together,” she explained.

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She added: “It was because we didn’t see eye to eye. We didn’t have the same aspirations that we had in the beginning.

“I just feel like he switched-up on me. I just feel like he changed. I just feel like he lied, more than anything… I feel like I was dribbled. “

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Londie London, Hlubi Nkosi and Uminathi
Londie London’s ex-husband Hlubi Nkosi and their baby. Image via Twitter: @sasocialmedia


Londie shared that Hlubi is also emotionally and financially unavailable for the kids.

“Emotionally, definitely not. Financially he does whatever he wants to do. No one can tell him that the kids need what. He just sends whatever he want to send. Physically, he’s not there,” the musician said.

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However, Londie said that she’d never take him to court because she feels like there’s no need to do so.

“He has chosen his path… He chose how he wants to deal with the situation so I respect that.”

The Suk’Emabhozeni singer said that her children when decide when they are older if they want a relationship with their dad or not.