Berita Nota

Berita has been separated from Nota for almost two years now. Image via Twitter @BeritaAfroSoul

Berita to release her first single following her split with Nota Baloyi

Berita is getting ready to release her debut song, ‘Peace of mind’, following a stressful breakup with Nota Baloyi.

Berita Nota

Berita has been separated from Nota for almost two years now. Image via Twitter @BeritaAfroSoul

Berita recently announced on Twitter that she is preparing to release the new song she has been working on. Ever since breaking up with Nota Baloyi, Berita has been booked and extremely busy.

Her latest single ‘Peace of Mind’ is a soulful, mid-tempo Afro-Soul ballad. She co-wrote the song with Abidoza and Alie Keyz.

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Given her interactions with the media in recent months and the dissolution of her marriage, the title seems appropriate.

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The song will be made available on Friday, March 31, 2023.

Berita is coming out strong

Berita has endured a terrible year. This is in light of the SAMA Award-winning Afro-Soul musician’s recent rise to the top of the trends from one of her less-notable performers.

This was mostly caused by the dissolution of her marriage to Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi, a former music executive who is currently an entertainment pundit and podcast regular.

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Since she revealed that she and the controversial personality had split, she has been called poor, talentless without him, and impoverished.

Berita has refuted all of Nota’s assertions and characterised Nota as a narcissist who is emotionally abusive in the process. Not to her specifically, but because of the way he treated women and the public in general.

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Berita, a recently single lady and artist, is coming out strong. She has begun to recover her freedom. She looks prepared to rekindle her romance with her first love.