‘Nothing like you’: Barack Oba

Image: YouTube/TheDailyShow

‘Nothing like you’: Barack Obama ‘roasts’ Trevor Noah in fun clip [video]

The internet is loving a clip in which Barack Obama tells Trevor Noah he is ‘nothing like him’.

‘Nothing like you’: Barack Oba

Image: YouTube/TheDailyShow

Social media users are revisiting a clip of The Daily Show host and South African-born comedian, Trevor Noah and former United States president Barack Obama in which they discuss politics – but also in which Obama seemingly roasts Noah.

Obama roasts SA’s Trevor Noah

The clip, which aired in December 2020, sees them have a light-hearted conversation that ultimately delved deeper into politics. The two had a very thought-provoking conversation which social media managed to twist and made it into a roast fest:

In the clip Noah asks Obama how has he managed to transition from being president of the US, to be “an ordinary citizen”. He asked him how does he view or react to social issues he sees on television as a person who is no longer in that “powerful position”, reports ZAlebs.

“When you transition back to personal life, I wonder what that is like because unlike you I do not have that power to change the world or do something about it. Because in many ways you are like me…you see a thing on TV and you get angry or sad and can’t really do something about it,” asked Trevor.

Obama laughed it off and responded by saying: “Well, first of all, I am not anything like you. I still have a lot more influence and clout. So let’s just be clear and try to keep things in perspective.”

Of course, the internet is loving it.

Watch the clip down here

Trevor’s first high-profile interview

Obama was Noah’s first high-profile interview back in 2016.

Though in this interview, Noah also joked that the former president influenced people to run for high office, including Donald Trump and Kanye West. “I don’t know if you noticed, but you have an ability to inspire people to run for the highest office in the land with the jokes that you tell about them,” said the late-night host.

Obama responded, “I should roast people I admire more. I’ll start roasting you. Although you weren’t born here… but I was able to get away with it apparently.”

Obama, promoting his book A Promised Land, also admitted that he didn’t have any withdrawals about leaving office. “There are people I know who had them when they leave public life. Michelle and I, it’s something we share, we feel good about the work we did, we don’t feel anxiety about not being the center of attention. We get frustrated like citizens when we see something unjust or unfair… the goal for us is to find new ways to have that same impact,” he added.