AKA Kiernan Forbes Da L.E.S megacy

The Megacy is not happy with how Da L.E.S is treating AKA’s death.
Image via Twitter

Balenciaga backlash: AKA slammed for saying ‘I’m not worried’

South African rapper AKA has weighed in on Balenciaga’s ‘child porn’ campaign controversy – but fans are not happy with what he has to say…

AKA Kiernan Forbes Da L.E.S megacy

The Megacy is not happy with how Da L.E.S is treating AKA’s death.
Image via Twitter

AKA has weighed into the backlash surrounding designer brand Balenciaga, who has been accused of promoting child porn following a series of inappropriate advertisements…

The French couture brand has courted controversy over images in their festive campaign – featuring children holding teddy bear bags covered in “bondage” paraphernalia.

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Earlier this month, the fashion house published the images under their Balenciaga Fashion House campaign.

The campaign – shot by Gabriele Galimberti – featured six children clutching their bondage teddy bear handbags, as first seen in the brand’s spring 2023 runway show in Paris. 

The bizarre handbags feature teddy bears with black eyes who wore fishnet tops and BDSM-inspired leather harnesses. Spotted in the kids’ campaign pics were props like wine glasses and other adult-themed gift items on display. To make matters worse, social media users discovered that in one pic was another questionable prop – paperwork from the Supreme Court on a decision on child pornography laws.

But following the widespread backlash, Balenciaga apologised, stating that they “strongly condemn child abuse”.

But was it enough? Social media users think not! In fact, many called on celebs who wear the famous brand to speak out.

Closer to home, one Twitter questioned why South African stars had remained silent. The tweep posted: “Why are celebrities quiet about this whole Balenciaga scandal? The people with the most influence are literally quiet!”.

The tweep tagged celebs like DJ Maphorisa, Cassper Nyovest, and Pearl Thusi, who are all fond of the high-end label.

But one celeb – AKA – responded, posting: “I’m not worried about Balenciaga because they Balenciaga is not worried about me”.


AKA’s nonchalant response about Balenciaga’s child campaign sparked a flurry of angry and concerned responses from fans who questioned his moral compass.

This, especially as the rapper is father to seven-year-old daughter Kairo Forbes.

Here’s what some tweeps had to say:

@ogknot: “I am not worried about child abuse because the abused children are not worried about me”

@MdluliVicane: “Huh? Are you saying that you are not worried about Balenciaga promoting paedophilia?”

@mashoata: “As a father, this is the most nonchalant response”

@musoja85: “This is not about you, .its about using your voice to speak against child pornography promoted by brands like Balenciaga”

@bobbywntssumhot: “Basically what he is saying is that he is turning a blind eye to the situation”

@nkosimkhixe: “If you care about Kairo you should be worried about Balenciaga”