Babalwa Mneno Ntsiki Bonang.

Images via Twitter: @barbilicious/@bonang_m/@ntsikimazwai

‘Go see a sangoma’: Babalwa pops off at Ntsiki over Bonang comments

Socialite Babalwa Mneno came for Ntsiki Mazwai for calling Bonang a ‘marketing gimmick’. In a scathing post she called the poet a ‘useless loser’.

Babalwa Mneno Ntsiki Bonang.

Images via Twitter: @barbilicious/@bonang_m/@ntsikimazwai

Babalwa Mneno is not taking any of Ntsiki Mazwai’s nonsense. It all started when Mazwai, a South African activist and poet accused media personality Bonang of not really owning her sparkling wine brand, House of BNG. Mneno was not taking it lying down and soon shared a scathing clap-back with Mazwai.

Babalwa Mneno has words for Ntsiki Mazwai

South African poet Ntsiki Mazwai has a sharp tongue and no one can contest that. The controversial activist once again aimed her flaming guns at a media personality and no one really saw it coming. On Monday 23 August, the poet came for media personality Bonang Matheba by saying that she was just a marketing gimmick for her sparkling wine brand BNG and of course, got Twitter buzzing.

While many of Queen B’s supporters came out in numbers to defend her, the most scathing comments came from South African socialite, Babalwa Mneno. The beauty queen took to her Instagram to share a post about Ntsiki’s post and she wasn’t holding back.

In her post, she told Ntsiki to go see a sangoma regarding her “obsession” with Bonang while dragging her for not trying to cash in on marketing to make more money.

“My main worry is how Ntsiki is still having nightmares about Bonang 10 years later! Lol yoh she must rest hleng. Is Bonang the only person who doesn’t own their wine/alcohol brand?” reads some of her post.

She also goes on to say that black people should question the ANC about the CODESA deal with the NP to “partake in the country’s economy.”

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Meanwhile, SA shares their thoughts

A lot of locals seemingly sided with Babalwa and headed to the comment section where they joined her in bashing Ntsiki. Read some of their comments about her clap-back below:

@stonezn said:

“She is right by calling Ntsiki into order. Jealousy iyambulala.”

@MakaSbu_26 said:

“True…If Ntsiki focused more on herself, like bathing daily and trying to make it like Bonang and the rest of us she wouldn’t notice even the slightest thing about her”

@TCnkoans said:

“Even the famous Ken Forrester FMC Chenin Blanc was made by Martin Meinert.”

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