Drake's bet

Drake placed a $615,000 bet on Francis Ngannou to beat Anthony Joshua and lost. Image: X/Twitter

Another loss for Drake: R11.48 million down the drain!

Drake’s $615,000 bet on the Joshua vs. Ngannou fight goes bust. Learn about his pattern of high-stakes losses.

Drake's bet

Drake placed a $615,000 bet on Francis Ngannou to beat Anthony Joshua and lost. Image: X/Twitter

Drake, the Grammy-winning rapper, is as well-known for his losing streak in sports betting as he is for his hit records. His latest $615,000 (R11.48 million) wager on Francis Ngannou to overcome Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia has once again resulted in disappointment. The “Drake Curse” seems to be in full effect.

Joshua, the seasoned boxer, dashed both Ngannou’s hopes and Drake’s dreams of a $1.9 million (R35.48 million) windfall with a stunning second-round knockout. This loss adds yet another chapter to Drake’s growing legacy of costly sporting mishaps.

Drake’s Bets: Big Risks, Bigger Losses

From UFC title fights to the pinnacle of world football, Drake’s bets are notorious for their hefty price tags and even heftier losses. His misplaced faith in Israel Adesanya during the UFC middleweight championship cost him a staggering £430,000 (R10.3 million).

Add to that his failed million-dollar bet on Argentina to defeat France in regular time during the 2022 World Cup final, and it’s clear Drake’s betting history is more about losing than winning.

A Mix of Enthusiasm and Bad Luck

While Drake’s bets often bring smiles and superstitious talk of curses, they also highlight just how volatile sports betting can be. His losses aren’t always a case of poor judgment.

At times, Drake’s underdog picks reflect genuine enthusiasm rather than calculated strategy. Nonetheless, the end result is a consistent ability to choose the losing side.

The ‘Drake Curse’: A Sports World Legend

The “Drake Curse” has become a phenomenon in itself, a blend of superstition and bad luck that follows the rapper’s endorsements of athletes and teams. The mere association with Drake seems enough to jinx even the most promising sporting endeavours.

Whether a tongue-in-cheek curse or a series of unfortunate coincidences, Drake’s bets have cemented his place in sports betting folklore.