Annie 2baba

Nigerian media personality Annie Idibia has allegedly been groomed by her husband 2Baba since she was only 15. Image via Instagram @official2baba.

‘Started dating at only 15’: 2Baba accused of ‘grooming’ Annie

Tweeps have accused 2Baba of ‘grooming’ his wife ‘Young Famous and African’ star Annie since she was only 15 years old.

Annie 2baba

Nigerian media personality Annie Idibia has allegedly been groomed by her husband 2Baba since she was only 15. Image via Instagram @official2baba.

Over the last few days, Young Famous and African has been trending on most social media apps. People across Africa have been discussing season 2 which aired on Friday 19 May last week. A big point of discussion has been musician Innocent Ujah Idibia’s rocky relationship with his wife Annie.

Innocent — who is known by his stage name 2Baba or 2Face — left people with their jaws dropped after attempting to justify infidelity in relationships. He is now being accused of having groomed Annie since she was a teen.

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2Baba and Annie allegedly started dating when she was only 15

During the first season of Young Famous and Africa, viewers gained in-depth insight into the relationship of legendary Nigerian musician 2Baba and his wife Annie Idibia.

In a heartbreaking episode, she revealed how he cheated numerous times and fathered five children outside of their marriage.

In the new season, 2Baba shockingly remarked that “men are wired to cheat” while dining with Annie’s co-stars; Andile Ncube, Nadia Nakai, Naked DJ and his partner Kayleigh Schwark.

Singer 2Baba aka 2Face is reportedly expecting baby number 8 and his wife, Annie Idibia is STILL standing by her man. Image via @annieidibia1/Instagram

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This has been a big talking point for social media users who appear to have grown tired of feeling sorry for Annie who has chosen to stick by her man through thick and thin.

One social media user has now come forward to claim that 2Baba and Annie started dating when she was only 15 years old. According to the tweep, the musician was 24 at the time.

The tweep also argued that Annie can’t be blamed for her decision to stay with him because he had allegedly been grooming her since she was only 15.

“Annie was 15yr old when a 24yr old Innocent Idibia “2Face” allegedly started a relationship w/ her. Over 15 years w/ a manipulator & groomer ruins you. Groomers design their victims brains to not seeing a world w/o them. It’s easy to blame her but I will always feel sorry for her,” alleges the tweep.

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What does the rest of Twitter think?

Many have bashed 2Baba has a horrible human being for what he’s done to Annie. Some still refuse to sympathise with her since she has made the decision to stay.

“This brings so much perspective. Hearing that she tried committing suicide also made it clear that the problem is deeply psychological,” wrote one person while another said:

“The day Annie gets up and leaves 2face, Africa will literally through her a party and help her find her real Mr Right. We all feel for her, she needs to get out, then shell see the light.”

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