Nelli Tembe

Tweeps are convinced the ‘spirit’ of Nelli Tembe is finally ‘at peace’ following his death on Friday 10 February.
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‘Spirits and karma: Tweeps claim Nelli Tembe came to ‘fetch’ AKA

‘I hope Senzo Meyiwa’s spirit is taking notes’: One tweep shared over wild claims Nelli Tembe’s spirit had ‘fetched’ her fiancé; AKA.

Nelli Tembe

Tweeps are convinced the ‘spirit’ of Nelli Tembe is finally ‘at peace’ following his death on Friday 10 February.
Image via Instagram

The death of AKA has had superstitious social media users convinced that his late fiancee Anele Nelli Tembe has finally found “peace” following their rollercoaster romance.

AKA – real name Kiernan Forbes – was shot and killed outside a restaurant on Durban’s Florida road on Friday evening. His death comes almost two years after Nelli allegedly ended her life after falling off the balcony of a Cape Town hotel in April 2021.

AKA admitted to being in a “toxic” relationship with Tembe, following her death. The rapper was also accused of physically and mentally abusing the 22-year-old.

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On Twitter, Nelli Tembe’s name became a trending topic. And many users were convinced that the young woman was finally “resting peacefully.”

Others sensationally claimed that her “spirit” had come to “fetch,” AKA.

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Here’s what tweeps had to say:

@Phuza_7: “When they say spirits and karma, believe that sh*t. Anele Tembe came back to fetch AKA since they were engaged.”

@LaNkosii: “Anele Nelli Tembe fetched her man! Any day this life can flash before your eyes! Justice served”

@Sturdy_model1: “Nelli Tembe spirit was working overtime. The guy was finally back, releasing good music, and found love again, but now he is gone just like that. I hope Senzo Meyiwa spirit is taking notes and plotting something.”

@TheGoodNews002: “Rip AKA, may the spirit of Nelli Tembe find peace and comfort.”


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According to police reports, 22-year-old Nelli Tembe fell to her death on 11 April from her hotel balcony, located on the corners of Loop and Bloem Street, in the Cape Town city centre.

However, in an interview with The Barleader TV in May, AKA claimed that his partner had reportedly struggled with depression and had attempted suicide on multiple occasions.

Speaking to journalist Thembekile Mrototo, AKA claimed that the couple had had a heated spat moments before her death. The muso then decided to take a “breather” break in the bathroom.

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He said: “When I came out of the bathroom, she wasn’t in the room. I looked around the room, and she’s not there. Then I go to the balcony and look over the balcony and down to the street, and that’s where she was”.

He added of her past attempts: “In my past time with Anele, it was not the first time that she had attempted to do that (harm herself) or threatened to do that. She had done that here in this home and over the phone…she had also threatened to drive her car into the wall and also had to be talked down off the ledge at the Hilton in Durban”.


Moses’s comments come months after he revealed that the family was trying to put the death of Nelli Tembe behind them.

He told TshisaLive last year amid an ongoing police investigation: “We have our eyes focused on establishing the Anele Tembe Foundation, which we hope would benefit thousands of young women and parents.”

At her funeral, Nelli Tembe’s dad made headlines when he sensationally claimed that she did not commit suicide, as stated by AKA.

During his tribute, he said, “As Anele’s father, I categorically state Anele was neither suicidal nor did she commit suicide. We must, as a matter of priority, deal with the scourge that bedevils our youth, alcohol, which is overused, and drugs. Fellow South Africans, we better wake up and smell the coffee. We have a serious problem with substance abuse.

He continued: “I cannot allow an unfortunate narrative to go unchallenged, a narrative that irks me to no end that is ‘Anele was chronically suicidal.’ All I can say is until Anele turned 21, not a single member of her family, my family would have associated her with suicide”.