‘Some enjoy punishing Anele’:

Pearl Thusi defends Anele Mdoda. Images via Instagram @zintathu @pearlthusi @kellyrowland.

‘Some enjoy punishing Anele’: Pearl fires back at Tweeps for body shaming

While Anele Mdoda and Kelly Rowland continue to trend, Pearl Thusi stepped in to defend the talk show host from being body shamed.

‘Some enjoy punishing Anele’:

Pearl Thusi defends Anele Mdoda. Images via Instagram @zintathu @pearlthusi @kellyrowland.

South African actress Pearl Thusi took to Twitter earlier today (17 September) to defend television host Anele Mdoda as she continues to get dragged for her tweets about Kelly Rowland. 


After American singer Kelly Rowland posted a snap in a swimsuit identical to Anele Mdoda’s, the two began to trend again. This led to Tweeps thinking that the Motivation hitmaker was throwing shade at the TV host. This reignited Tweeps anger towards the talk show host for comments about the singer.

The awkwardness between the pair started when Anele Mdoda responded to a tweet by Sizwe Dhlomo who said Kelly Rowland was the star of Destiny’s Child. The TV host did not agree and took a dig at the singer, saying she is not as beautiful as the other members of the group are. 

Since then everytime Kelly Rowland trends on Twitter so does Anele. The latest trending topic is whether Kelly Rowland finally decided to clap back at the Celebrity Game Night SA host with her swimsuit snap.


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Kelly and Anele continued to trend and sadly, the speculation turned to body shaming. Although Anele appeared to be unbothered, Pearl Thusi decided to step in and defend her. 

While Pearl Thusi has previously been dubbed the “problematic Twitter queen” she has decided to choose a path of kindness now. The Queen Sono star took to Twitter to express how she thought body shaming was something that was cancelled across the world.

“So this thing with Anele has gone straight to body shaming. Intense. I thought there was a universal agreement that we’d all outgrown that,” wrote Pearl Thusi on Twitter. 


She went on to say that although Anele was wrong for her tweets in the past, she does not deserve to be body shamed. 

“Anele’s tweets in the past may have been equally unnecessary to you- but if you stoop to the same level, then how can you think you’re any different.If you know better, you do better… or no?,” she continued.


However, a Tweep in the comments section did not agree with Pearl Thusi and posted a screenshot of a tweet from Anele saying she likes to trend as it keeps the bills paid. She went on to say she does not retract her statement about Kelly Rowland and added that Beyonce is prettier. 

Pearl Thusi then posted a light hearted tweet about kindness. 


10 minutes later she was back on her trolling spree and called Tweeps out for “enjoying” punishing the talk show host. 


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