Anele Mdoda shares big flex online. Image via Instagram @zintathu.

‘Inflaming the situation’: Anele slammed for Hoërskool Jan Viljoen rant

‘It is arrogant to think you can tell anyone that they must go anywhere,’ said one person after Anele Mdoda told racists to ‘p*ss off’.


Anele Mdoda shares big flex online. Image via Instagram @zintathu.

Media personality Anele Mdoda is one of many South Africans who are outraged by the alleged racism at Randfontein school, Hoërskool Jan Viljoen. The TV and radio presenter evidently couldn’t hold back her anger and went off at the parents of the children who are “enabling” their children’s racist tendencies.

Many people have now come out to slam Anele who they say has double standards.

Anele catches smoke over her rant about racism

Anele Mdoda did not hold her tongue as she went off at the parents of alleged racist white learners at Hoërskool Jan Viljoen.

The 94.7 radio presenter basically blamed parents of the children who allegedly spewed racist slurs at black learners at the school recently.

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Taking to her Twitter page, Anele vented that racism is no longer tolerated in the country. She added that people who are still teaching their children racism should pack their bags and leave the country.

“This is easy Hoërskool Jan Viljoen, if your children don’t want to go to school with black kids, pack your sht and leave SA. We are not going to negotiate with racists anymore. P*s off!” she wrote.

Many agree…but not with her

Her rant did not sit well with many people who accused her of having double standards. Others believed that there were two sides to every story and Anele is only entertaining one of them.

@booi_jay said:

“I totally disagree with utterances Anele Mdoda. As parents and grown-ups, we should all take a firm stand and address this situation like adults. The focus should on the two boys, and not the parents and who’s white and who’s black. You’re not helping.”

@HeindeJager2 said:

“It is arrogant to think you can tell anyone that must go anywhere.”

@Consideration said:

“There have been “allegations”, so there needs to be an investigation. After the allegations take action. Do you really think your tweet is wise? Stop inflaming the situation. Racism is a form of bigotry, just like tribalism. You have no right to tell anyone where to go.”

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